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Gabe Rosenberg Sep 12
Replying to @united
Whoops guess we’re getting off this plane now. Nobody from has told us how long the delay might be. How long is the drive from Houston to Austin?
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John Saroff Sep 13
My favorite slide in ⁦⁩ ⁦ deck. When Facebook went down for 45 minutes in August, overall news consumption went UP! People got their news from News sites and News apps.
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Chris Krewson Sep 13
“I’ve never met a journalist who entered the profession for nefarious reasons. I’ve also never met one who did so to make money.” - Danah Boyd
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Jamila Robinson Sep 12
I’m official. Let’s do this
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Edward Colby Sep 11
You know you’re going to when you pass by Dan Rather sitting in the front row of your plane!
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Pew Research Center Sep 14
5 facts about the state of the news media in 2017
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Trei Brundrett Sep 14
Howdy if you’re interested in hearing more about how we’re opening up our platform to other publishers, shoot me a DM and let’s hangout! Or if you just want to know where the best tacos are, I can help with that too (it’s )
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Jordan Tilkens 17h
. gets swag from -I pick up the fidget spinner. "Sorry. I'm 18." : "That's OK. I pegged that for you."
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Lara Cohen 💅🏼 Sep 11
Guys. Let’s focus. (Also can’t wait to see you Joanna!!!)
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Dominique Jackson Sep 13
Replying to @bentpieceofwire
Hey! I’m here at . Would love to meet up and connect!
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Mary Willson | Engagement editor, @theavltoday Sep 11
I'm en route to (a little early, because, hurricane). I have a mostly free day tomorrow. Looking for a coffee shop to work in and a museum to check out. 👋
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Meghann Farnsworth Sep 12
Hi hi Austin! And hello to you too humidity! Let’s do this
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Terhi Upola Sep 13
Replying to @HrisanthiKroi
Good questions, I have no answers🤔. But is Google that much better search engine to get your message through? YouTube is more limited what comes to search, but of course, not many media can afford publishing there.
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Savannah Peat Sep 14
WOW. Absorbing it all and taking a million notes on all of these tools!
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Elizabeth Gillis Sep 13
Replying to @itsgillis
We’re talking about building a relationship with individuals in underserved communities. This is something we do all the time with “experts,” politicians. The only way to build trust is to also prioritize these long-term conversations with the community.
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Pulitzer Center 18h
Congratulations to , , , and for their 2018 Online Journalism Awards win!
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John Bridges Sep 12
“Welcome to Austin, y’all” from , and at
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John Bridges Sep 11
The future of journalism is being shaped this week in our wonderful city. Welcome to Austin, APME and ASNE members for , and we'll see you in a few days, . Let's keep it real. (H/T for the great photo to )
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Kyle Hopkins Sep 12
You guys! Our proposal for using 360-degree video to cover the lack of police in remote Alaska villages just won financial support from / / We can't wait to get started. 🎬
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Kathryn Gretsinger Sep 13
Build trust Get to know people by listening ⁦
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