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AnfieldIndex 22m
:  PLOUGHING & PLANTING &  discuss: 🔴Liverpool win the league? 🔴The last month 🔴Subscriber questions 🎧 Listen for FREE via 's 7 Day Trial
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SEOforWix🚅 7h
Replying to @TheCoolestCool
I still have (and often play) Super Mario All Stars on the Super Nintendo. The old games are best.
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Andrew Mado Feb 12
Walked out to my 2 boys watching danger mouse yesterday.. happy days. More Inspector Gadget and Astro Boy I say..
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Replying to @northshawmick
I had enough to sink a battleship to be fair Mick was in the company of TB loads of was there.
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jeremyhartillos Feb 10
Updated the format of this one. I have picked up 13 new lurkers recently on Patreon and need to encourage them to throw me some tip money. I can generate at least 4 of these guys a week but the views will be restricted for non-Patrons.
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saga Feb 13
Replying to @LukeAFoley
Sound like a couple of rappers
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Elwyn Edwards Feb 14
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Mayank Khudia Feb 15
All important AWS Services covered for my DevOps Professional Exam scheduled today. Now looking for a classic Hip-Hop & Rap playlist for 3 hour long drive to exam centre. Loading... Tupac - Short Change Balling (LejEdit)
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DJ WiZ 20h
Btw yesterday with those climate change protests were one of many reasons why Mum had no time for teachers! As she said they’re all lefties and health freaks!
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Adrian Cole 🙋‍♂️ 18h
Replying to @mrdanwalker
I love the fact that no one congratulated him on the save. Nowadays players would be first bumping, smacking him on the back, etc.
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Paul Howard Feb 13
Replying to @Memeulous
Kersal Massive had more craft
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nanookthebitch Feb 15
Replying to @laurenpattison
Fingering!!!!! Does anyone do that anymore?😂😂😂
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Sid Feb 15
Replying to @bcfcfollowers
Still walk to the turf accountant,never used an app...
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cabin cat Feb 15
Replying to @HorsemensWizard
p.s. I’m too.
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New on : "Doc Scott: Artcore 2 (1996)"
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Timo Feb 15
Sitting in my car outside of my daughters place of employment waiting for her to get off work. Listening to Digital Underground.
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Old Skool Hardcore 16h
Suzuki love tunes on their adverts. Can’t fault them
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James Benjamin Feb 15
what a trio to finish with tonight! I was dancing round my kind then cooking kids’ dinners. Thank you 🙏 so much. Music to leave a man feeling blessed to have 2 good ears.
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Linnae Pohatu 11h
Oh damn! Missed it. I recorded Rogue 1 which we watched last night & recording ended just b4 we find out if the Death Star plans were handed over or not?😳 Sitting room of whanau in uproar and me banished from room for the rest of the evening!
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$plif the Plug 11h
Damn I didn't even knows it's been 20 years since passed away. He would have been right next to and . He died to young in the R.I.P Big L 💯💯💯
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