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Phil Croft Sep 20
Just had a brilliant 2 days with my Dad and Brothers. Best golf course in the world for me.
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Jennifer 20h
I parked in the handicap spot today whatchu gon do granny? chase me out the blue lines?
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KD Aubert Sep 19
You know deep down inside I'm a true 😂😂😂 💪🏽
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Zach Hanson Sep 21
Replying to @ad913
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Ashley Raquel Sep 21
Just finished watching
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Mandy Sep 13
9 o’clock and already getting ready for bed 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Joe Lucas Sep 18
Replying to @S_Tornetta37
Wasn’t long ago that you were Vince Chase
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PSN: WHYNOTbuck3tz Sep 13
Yeah I’m officially a old ass man today, praise to the most high for all that #28
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Sub-Zero ❄️ Sep 21
Replying to @slimsamee_
Street Fighter sou SEGA 💥
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T-Y Sep 16
Chris carter is definitely going to hate on that grab by obj tomorrow morning 😂😂
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🛸💨🌍 Sep 19
Midday naps and early nights...
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Jake Meh-toll-oh Sep 19
Never forget that Urban (Liar) Meyer coached at UTAH where Alex Smith was his QB.
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Peace.. I'm Bringin Sumpthin.. New To 0n I'm probably One 0f da 0nly 0n this App Wit da 🤣 peace aka @ East New York, Brooklyn
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my afro is full of secrets Sep 13
When I go to my high school’s football 🏈 game lol c/o 2013
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Chase Hoffman Sep 20
Happy 24th to the big homie I love you so much and am so proud to call you my lady. Enjoy your day teaching can’t wait to celebrate later 😘
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🌊 #IWBIWISI ☮️#NoWarWithIran☮️ #DontTweetIm🍑🌊 Sep 19
An belated: Put another one in the Win Column for & the 3.0 WCB !
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MissQueenB Sep 15
Replying to @MinionTamer0405
This post made me realize how old I really am. It took me far too long to figure out what you were saying lol
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M Trav Sep 19
Lol got measured but don't remember a ring. I'll settle for trading in this 3X letterman jacket for one that fits now 😂
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Trainer Kameo Sep 18
Replying to @ChrisLCortez @Spotify
You can turn it off if you haven't. Most don't know you can do that. Gotta try to hide the anchor host from the podcasters
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🌊 #IWBIWISI ☮️#NoWarWithIran☮️ #DontTweetIm🍑🌊 Sep 15
Replying to @brett5355
Trying to get as many tweets in as I can, because as I tweeted this morning, this guy will most likely bail at halftime. 🛌
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