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Josep Borrell Fontelles Feb 15
Met with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov on the margins of . Discussions included and - as coordinator I remain committed to listen to all sides and keep the alive.
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Replying to @HassanRouhani
“We believe that the was in the best interest of the and the world and that the action was to the detriment of all, and even the American people themselves,” noted Iranian President.
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Rico Feb 14
Of course you did. You are Trump's lap dog. Why have Congress when all you have are rubber stamp complicit corrupt from his lies about the tbi to not having even read the before he torpedoed it, he can't tell you 9ne thing about it.
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Kayhan Life Feb 20
Prepares for Vote Seen as Litmus Test for Establishment Street cleaners were out early stripping posters and banners off walls to clear the way for ‘s first poll since U.S. President pulled out of a with
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MickeyTulip 11h
How one big gave us six big gains to cheer — including decimation of Left via
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EuroMeSCo Feb 17
Replying to @JosepBorrellF
During his first visit to the as HR/VP, met with his counterparts in & and tackled issues such as the and the Iranian . Learn more about his first trip to the region in this 📰👉
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Manu Rishi Guptha Feb 15
Bhayia aap log bhi na baaz nahin aatey Right frm da time u opposed the 2008, Uve been digging your grave & sliding deeper,but You would not stop pushing this country into regressiveness through Ur obsolete ideology & taking your party faster than ever to annihilation
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Рαыο Ρεяеz Feb 17
Another example of cool-headedness: they are willing to negotiate with if he returns to the Obama era and deops all sanctions against
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OneWorldMonster Feb 16
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Rouzbeh Pirouz Feb 16
is one of the most independent minded figures to appear on the world stage. This tweet however is an indication of the problem with how the EU operates. Europe needs to stop being a coordinator and start being an actor if it wants to be relevant.
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irannewsdaily Feb 15
Borrell to Keep 2015 deal ‘Alive’ TEHRAN (Iran News) – The EU’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, vowed that he will do all he #'Euchied
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Richard Goldberg Feb 15
“committed to...keep the alive.” Brussels will fight against SnapBack until the bitter end. Falls on to get it done.
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Project Syndicate Feb 15
Any future with Iran should still be an arms-control agreement that is not overburdened with other contentious matters, argues 's .
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Eli Lecter Feb 15
Yeah, you keep the extremist Mullahs and their terrorist regime in power by keeping the alive and appeasing them. I feel so sorry for EU countries for having you as the High Representative of the European Union.
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Pinar Sharghi Feb 15
Iran may re-embrace dropped nuke commitments if Europe keeps promise: FM via @INBC24PLUS
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Linda Hemby Feb 15
: Zarif says there is room for maneuver in reimposing the 2015 but added it could only happen if Germany, France, and the UK showed the same willingness to reinstate the deal’s economic benefits for Iran.
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Global Village Space Feb 14
Iran’s Compliance to nuclear deal conditioned to Europe’s actions
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Project Syndicate Feb 14
None of the remaining signatories to the 2015 wants to lay it to rest, says of . But it is clear that the agreement probably would not survive a second term
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