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Gabriel Fancher 48m
When everything is about racism you get stories like this.....
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OldCaptainJay Jul 19
Replying to @entspeak
The words 'you total bar steward' come to mind. 😅
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Ruzanna Shazni Jul 19
Woke up at 3 am feeling hungry. So I googled this
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allhellsbroken2 Jul 19
But maybe think on this before you attack me. How would you feel if the organisations who are meant to be there to help with your ( & ) did to you what they did to me? Threatening to call the police, and approaching your employer?
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Justin Lovegrove Jul 18
When your a diabetic and decide to put these on the shelves!!!!
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Scott Jul 15
Replying to @Zndyya
hahahah alright then. take some moment to rest yourself I guess. everythings will be just alright
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James Cook Jul 18
I'm expecting a package today. I want to be here when it arrives because it needs to be kept refrigerated and its going to be hot and humid here. But the email updates and the tracking web page don't agree. Does this mean I can run out for lunch?
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Laura Leto Pyne Jul 17
My brother is sooooo f***ing rude!!! I know I’ve put on weight since I’ve been ill but wish he would leave me the f**k alone!!!!
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Sarah Cuttell Jul 19
Parents... Please do me a favour and stop encouraging your kids to startle pigeons in London. I get dive-bombed by those fuckers enough without the added help! 😂👎
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Michael C. "Head in the Clouds" Bazarewsky Jul 17
Replying to @ThreddyTheTrex
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scyllacat Jul 13
Replying to @scyllacat
Seriously, is 28 days later the new look?
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boB 🇷udis Jul 18
Replying to @hrbrmstr
Oh. They must have seen the tweet. B/c we r still at gate and they turned off the air completely.
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Francis Nesbitt Dec 2
Earlier today I was attacked by a gang of vicious thugs in the orchard! 😂🐥
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Erin Jul 17
Replying to @RachelNotley
Been there, done that, and know many others (women) who have been pushed into staying home. A 40 hour work-week may earn an extra $50.00/week take-home - or a raise could mean you no longer qualify for subsidized daycare or move into a higher tax bracket.
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notoriousSGB Jun 28
Happy 50th anniversary of Stonewall to everyone except people who say "a person's sexuality doesn't matter to me" and "wouldn't it better if we didn't put labels on people"!
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Red Stethoscope Dec 24
When people try to “help” you cook, but then you realize that your brother in law didn’t salt the water and your sister is dumping frozen green beans straight into the oven for green bean casserole. THERE. IS. A. SYSTEM. I’m not ok over here. 😳
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Dr. Rick Kirschner Jul 10
MDs, online and off – supposedly intelligent, well-educated, scientifically objective humans – often react to vaccine risk concerns like members of a group of angry apes: Vitriol, anger, leaping up and down with rage, shrieking threats, throwing stones, sticks, feces
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A.K.B Jun 18
When I’m trying to be serious and look professional.. my workmates can’t take me seriously during film making!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️ .
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Coco & Poppy 😻🧡😻 Jul 20
Oooo mum’s tidying her sock drawer which means one thing: Exciting small, dark space to be explored immediately 😻
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