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Lizzy Williams #StoppingHS2 10h
Domestic abuse is already up Add football and more alcohol in lockdown and the figures are very likely to go up again Domestic abuse goes up with football matches I thought Boris was doing more to protect victims (who are mainly women)
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Erik Stone May 29
Replying to @KyleClark
Democrat members would not let senators vote due to blizzard, but anyone that is scared of doing their job? That's okay.
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Sir Laughing Devil assassin by statistics May 26
Looks like someone broke lockdown to put the sign up. Tut Tut
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Dr. Ajle May 29
Replying to @Amy_Siskind @Patbagley
His base was getting off on riots tonight judging from some of their Twitter comments. Keep in mind there are many closet racists hiding under the veil of religion. Jerry Falwell said he will only wear a mask with black face and KKK symbols.
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FTroop May 28
It’s nice to see the only things professional players are concerned about is getting paid and who’s getting paid.. I miss sports.. not really.
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Sumi May 24
True Christians know the church is not a building but rather those that worship. If you need to gather in a building and risk spreading illness to other's, you clearly missed the point of Jesus...
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Daniella May 23
Just because someone in your family is dying of covid doesn’t make it ok to drive 250miles. If it’s not essential for the rest of the UK population it sure as hell isn’t essential for one member of parliament!!!
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Logan Rollins May 25
So im making a giant assumption that you can read, are :
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christina herbers May 26
Now that I’m wearing a mask In public, I guess lipgloss is obsolete 🤦🏻‍♀️
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#VoteForDemocrats May 24
"Several customers exposed as Missouri hairstylists test positive for COVID-19"
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Food & Jobs 🚜🚚🚗 May 28
Replying to @arelisrhdz @TeddyAmen
It’s your right to refuse service on “some” consisting. But to refuse service of someone doesn’t wear a mask qualifies your business as .
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duck face May 26
highest single total and you're opening salons and churches? . only lives are essential.
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Anthony Ens May 26
randomness, my in-laws were just denied entry to Canada after driving 2 days across the US for my daughter's wedding. told , but sports figures can cross the border to play games. ,
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#BoomerMama🐝😊 May 24
Replying to @TheStefanSmith
I cut my husbands hair tonight for FREE.
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Sheryl May 25
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Eric Blanchard May 23
Yes. Declaring churches “essential” violates the establishment clause too.
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Philip Nemer May 26
Replying to @yashar @real_farmacist
I am a customer of Bed, Bath and Beyond. It's a great place to shop but it's .
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Rusty Rascal May 23
As the lockdown rules don’t apply to the government & it’s aides. We can only assume they also do not apply to the rest of us anymore. What an appalling example & behaviour.
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Dobrina M Ustun 🏳️‍🌈 🇺🇸🇧🇬 May 23
Do you know what are the similarities between places of worship and your boss? None of them pay taxes. All of them are useless
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Jim Z 22h
Replying to @CA_EDD
UNABLE to certify. I am eligible. The certification tab either says "Your request to open your claim has been received" or a button labeled "re-open your claim" Today is my 9th attempt to reopen.
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