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i have an issue with too// I'm not allowed to follow people anymore.. and my application has been delayed because they made the mistake of verifying a racist! Now, we all have to suffer !
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Rob 🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 4h
I’m always cool ... you didn’t turn up
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Alex Middleton 4h
Replying to @49ers
Really disappointing that after just 40 mins every single home seat for the whole season is sold. Pretty obvious that they were bought by resellers not actual fans. I have been going to games every year from up in Oregon but can't afford these resellers!
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The J Man 16h
Go !!!! Not happy about opening night, oldest rivalry is still not worth it. The team everyone is claiming to be cheaters are being cheated by the ,
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mark turnbull 2h
Replying to @phil_trotter @NUFC
Comparing yourself to City and belittling other teams style of play.
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💖TanyaH💖 4h
whilst I agree with the message you are trying to get across in regards to knife crime... you have a few young boys ruining this for you. They are sitting in local parks bullying young children..making sexual abuse threats and trying to steal bikes from KIDS.
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SometimesWinButNeverLose 49m
Replying to @NBCSCeltics
Not available in my location? anyone?
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Ross ✌ - Man vs Adulthood Apr 17
😢 My DA has dropped a point.
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Travis 17h
Thanks for stranding 7 adults, a 2-year old, & a 3-month old @ SYD. We missed our flight to CNS bc we were kept on the tarmac for 3 hours @ LAX. Staff at SYD were dismissive and the rep on the phone said "that's what travel insurance is for"
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Khadijah Dont Need Ya 5h
Alright I’ve overlooked y’all ripping the spicy nuggets away from us but now y’all switched up from a BOLD bbq sauce to this “honey ketchup” tasting stuff 😠
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Lyn Spooner 2h
drivers not good example of services! 65 in 55 and cut me off.
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Rachel Towns 5h
Replying to @PaulaReidCBS @CBSNews
Mmmmm.... according to how he answered your question, I'm not so sure. That was pretty sly of him.
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Eva Apr 15
Hi - Can someone explain why I was relocated to the last row of the plane for my flight this morning when I had pre-selected a preferred seat 2 weeks in advance? No one at Air Canada I've spoken to has an explanation for why this happened.
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R-tard 8h
Where's my credit?
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Oliver Padre Apr 17
How is gas almost $5/Gallon right now? !
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Do the Right Bag 5h
5th grade Busch Gardens field trip and they’re still on the bus! More “trip” than “field” 😕
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Damn. Nipsey was too cool and humble to get that - I don’t know if you care or not but millions of kids listen to you man. I’m confused and disappointed. 🇭🇹
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tankmurdock Apr 17
Replying to @PolitiBunny @tedcruz
Definitely not seeing humor here as this is one of the oldest historical buildings in the world. Better said would be “awesome that Disney cares so much about preserving!”
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月に兎がいる 3h
Replying to @Ala38944123
I just read some tweets on that profile and felt like i was reading all of this once. Because i did read. On tumblr. On different blogs. So yeah, 👎
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Amy Rodgers 7h
This isn’t peaceful protesting. This is vandalism. I support the cause but they’ve lost my respect.
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