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Retweet & Like FFS Mar 20
Replying to @RedBrickz26
Lol. "They will be brought to heel one way or another." You mug.
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Pro-Brexit Facts4EU.Org #GoWTO Feb 25
We're organising a strong message for Remainer MPs overnight, backed by several other Brexit organisations. When it's ready, will you help us to get this message endorsed by millioins on social media?
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♥️ Shezzababy ♥️ Feb 22
Steve Clarke went into that press conference raging at the result! Tried to deflect from that with the sectarian pish and made a complete cunt of himself. He’s up there wi the likes of Lennon, Sutton and co. 🇬🇧
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simon tunstall Feb 14
Replying to @itvnews
Jerry Adams was a Politician but there is another side of him
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Marcus Fysh MP Feb 25
Those who say we just tear up the international treaty Withdrawal Agreement should understand 1) ECJ interprets it, 2) EU law is superior in it, 3) there’s no get out under Vienna Convention because leaving is circumscribed & 4) no UK Gov would illegally repudiate.
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Daniel Dyas Mar 17
Replying to @APWestRegion
Surely y’all won’t RT me, because unfortunately the media is corrupt and owned by the rich and the socialists. Hopefully there are still a few good journalists.
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karl  kavanagh Mar 22
Replying to @luke_oriordan @FA
Totally agree Luke, 🤪
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Joanna Murray 21h
I’m praying for you 🙏🏻 One day you’ll become a cancer survivor just like me. You are a great example of a Cancer Warrior. Keep fighting! I’m cheering you on from Pennsylvania, USA 🇺🇸 where it’s indeed snowing ❄️. God bless you! Keep that motivation going!
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렌지 💘 Wordly Tour Mar 22
Does anyone know where to buy map6's no surrender jpn album? I havent been able to find it
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Xavier Perea🎗 Mar 10
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Max Power Mar 17
Get back to the potato fields, you sad little paddies.
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Canada Dave Fletcher Feb 24
Thank you to Grapes loyal and Robert Fulton what a day I had
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Davy Campbell Mar 22
Is Southgate afraid to bring that snivelling turncoat Rice on ?
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Dere Gbenebichie Mar 20
Replying to @ChifeDr
hounding and disgracing a man for earning his legit money, none of them have proved he earns the money illegitimately, not even up to $1M over 30yr career, but here he is, thinking they will shame him for doing nothing, they forge his asset form to humiliate him,
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Becky Bongos Mar 20
Replying to @MarcherLord1
She hopes to bore us into submission. and
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Kristen Alderson Mar 6
Wow. So eloquent & brave!💙
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Matthew Reise Mar 16
Replying to @IanJamesPoulter
F*#%in’ A right
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Keo Mar 17
Just had me first Guinness there and it’s a fucking pint of mud, up the English
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Chu Itoi Mar 11
Replying to @DraftTulsi
"There is little if any peace movement on the left" Solution isn't to quit but to strengthen your resolve to do your best -win, lose or draw. I see Tulsi doing precisely that, acting w/ strength of conviction that is the answer
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NM99 Mar 15
Replying to @chutchinson_x
Fucking right
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