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JB🌪 5h
I live for these memes & I will not stop
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Blanca Lago 7h
If you meet me for the first time but seem to recognize've probably seen me eating tacos in my car at random times and places
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Johnny Blaze 2h
Monday night and hammered.
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Hunter Bowers 56m
Kids caught a few catfish today. They had a blast and then wanted to play on the playground, so I fished with a pink youth pole. @ Fort…
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Sheila Bailey 6h
Replying to @SmartArseAlli
I showed the cute 20yo girls at my job pictures of my 20yo son. It worked- one of them snagged him & they’ve been together over a year (we love her!). 😀
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Shady 14h
Haven’t tweeted in years, might aswell start again now! The weather in Norway is fab right now, but hey, the picture sums up any gamer i guess... Have a wonderful day!
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Tj Morrison 🎷🍕 4m
Replying to @brettm73
these bills aren’t gonna pay themselves. 😂
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Chad Zizelman 12h
After years of resisting, I finally got a pedicure with my wife this past weekend. Men, we have been missing out. It's basically a massage that you can drink during
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kels 1h
Sometimes self care is eating that entire family pack of mini eggs
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James 3h
Just throwing my hat in the ring for a Twitter like.
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Prash Chan 🏃🏽‍♂️ 3h
Failure is a badge of honor. Wear it!
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Ashley T. 3h
I’m such a cougar for
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mama serenity 4h
Replying to @cliramax
The main dude is my favourite Korean boy, I love him so much . All his other dramas are good too except for doctor stranger so if you want a good binge, watch his ones and they’re all on Netflix. I also recommend beating again
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Eric B sans Rakim 4h
Replying to @ThomasPoptart
Sandwiches can be delicious too.
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Stef Ann 3h
Replying to @Kiss108 @jonasbrothers
Ok most likely will cry and pass out at the same time hearing the new tunes live at the show.
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reza 👽 9h
Replying to @360Sources
I voted for KDB regardless of being a ManU fan.
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John😎Maun 16h
To Impeach Donald Trump would require and honor by members of the elected .. Good luck with that.
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Kasey Kershner 19h
Replying to @HollyMonroy
I cried real tears.
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Samurai Apocalypse 11h
Replying to @CTSenateDems
Stop diverting money from the transportation fund and this won't be necessary. All these two want to do is raid more money from struggling residents.
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hmca 12h
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