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Brett McKay 41m
Replying to @RugbyBrumbies
Don't want to talk about it!!
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Cheyenne Pennington 15h
Replying to @JeffreeStar
Girl already watched it.
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BigI 16h
Replying to @MiyahhT
Should’ve followed b4
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Veronica E 🌴 19h
Replying to @cautiondelicate
🙄🙄🙄 not into scary movies
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Rose 6h
Replying to @MykeCole
Liquid Man. 🙄
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sashnation 12h
Good comparison. .
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Tanya Micklitsch #10hana 7h
Replying to @espn
Tacko said all season. Y'all better let the boy live.
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Brady Young 7h
When the wind outside in the dark sounds like a demon...nah, I'm gonna stay inside fam. Not planning to die tonight 😂
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Kevin Clarke 20h
Ye.... 'drugs' 😂😂😂😂
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Oxford Inspections 16h
Thanks shdelectric for the good advice! Does it save you money if you ignore a problem in your home? be aware of the age and condition of components in your home and look after…
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Jeremy Pendley 8h
You would think after the 2 or 3 times a year Gout attack I would learn to do better food wise.
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Quizzical Eyebrow Mar 23
Starting Saturday assessing my chances of getting to Tottenham before the end of the season. Apparently they sell to special members, then normal members, then guests of season ticket holders and all sorts of members.
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Bianca Welds Mar 22
Previewing today's workout and it includes 20m lunge walk which would mean going outside which would mean getting properly dressed... Where's my tape measure? 🤔
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Ariel 19h
The greatest mistake I’ve made coming to Quincy is deciding to go to Walmart with my dad on a Saturday.
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Bone Michaels 5h
Replying to @Variety
One word
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• 18h
I never understand when a white woman with “curly” hair looks at a black child and tells the parent “I have curly hair like that too it’s so hard to control!!!”
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I won’t date you if... 23h
I am simply not attracted to you in any way
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Aubrey Mar 22
being in your mid twenties and being asked if you’re still in high school is a weird thing😂
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Eve 49m
🤔With your logic, we should be eating dogs and cats, heck even each other. Thanks but
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*stares in Exasperated GM* 9h
Replying to @mycatismyson
And your reward is living with the fact that you killed Best Girl.
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