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Kevin Alderson 3h
Replying to @2kidsnosleep
Try the one on 135th and State Line in KCMO.
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Mon Blaser May 15
Replying to @Herr_Natischer
Trauma! A la socks and sandals!
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theperfecthomme May 18
Replying to @t_phuck
It is comfy, safe and fun, but the people are
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So Fi May 15
Replying to @Moewennase
😱😮 Woanders?
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kandarp patel 23h
Raga have only two ways to go or . Wait I just stumbled upon something that might help him.
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Tara May 21
Same issue with I wanted to downgrade from VIP tix to closer seats and let TM keep the difference
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Dave Cromwell 11h
Replying to @hellyeahbabies
I'm guessing Sam has a day job that wouldn't let him away for this. 😉
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ShaqualaBurnside May 18
I just don’t understand how females decide to have there kids look like shit and they look all cute.
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Florinda Bernal May 20
I know what happened with that crispy taco sale! It was combined with another school and held on a diff date but they left it on the calendar. I went to support it and didn’t find it!
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Hollis Day Jr “Bubbe” May 19
New Direction is his theme...what a joke. He represents everything wrong with DC. is a career corrupt politician who has been in DC almost 50 years. He is the reason a new direction is needed. is a is too corrupt for me
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Ed Pawley May 15
I tried a e- for the 1st time last night & writing an paper from it. Don't own a tablet or pad so I was going between the Word doc and book, not being able to look at both at the same time. Futile, frustrating, . Ordered the paper book today.
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Daenerys has the Infinity Gauntlet May 14
Blood & Treasure looks like the theft of give me the original. .thanks.
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JustMyOpinion May 18
Replying to @CBSNews
AGAIN??? Geeze! How many times is he going to do this this time around? Or has he already forgotten he’s done that already four other times? or ? Either way, is a
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Benjamin Jewell May 19
It's official . more like . I've never felt as helpless and frustrated as they've made me feel. Flown hundreds of flights with different airlines flawlessly. I feel like an idiot even giving them a try.
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Jennifer Guynn May 18
Soooo is more like . what are you doing to help the folks stranded from Flight 230 from Ft. Laud to ? and are stuck trying to get home.
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Richard W Huling🇺🇸 May 16
Replying to @WashTimes
Don't worry , Bill is a
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Geo Loft May 16
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Michael Job 8h
box... verspricht 250Mbit/s... liefert zwischen 10-30. Nachhaken beim Kundendienst in den ersten Monaten blieb dann unbeantwortet. Heute nach über einem Jahr, wollen sie nicht künden, da ich micj für zwei Jahre verpflichtet hätte...
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imp3rf3cta 9h
CrazyComii ist jetzt mit Travel & Outdoors. Kommt lang und bestellt schöne Grüße! 👉🏻
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birgit linde 10h
sonst keine - solange es Hunderte betroffene Anwohner*innen gibt - Das nämlich ist ein .
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