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WaveRen LLC 4h
Mississippi should put her on the front row of the unemployment office. ...and please, don't fall for the fake contrition when the kitchen gets hotter. She needs to save the tears for someone who cares.
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Ian 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 20h
Replying to @picturepositive
It grips my bloody shit hearing men saying "Well look at her", " she was gagging for it" etc etc The issue 1000% rests with men, we should be able to control our desires and I'm sorry, if you can't you're stealing my Oxygen
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Bayu Mardika Küncoroseto Nov 13
Day 3 and still doin’ something shit.
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Maria Buckley 2h
Some risks are not worth taking. Stopped for mobile phone whilst driving leading to arrest for , in two separate offences this driver put lives at risk, good job we were waiting with a lift to custody,
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Rogue Pharmacist Nov 11
Replying to @OwnerPharm @pbmafia_
somehow naively think this is a "free market" when it isn't - since 90% of all Rxs are paid through this 3rd party system. Its the most corrupt thing I've even witnessed and it continues and there's at this point why the government hasn't reined this in!
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Brandon Jackson 11h
Replying to @jakecardiff401
That statement is real. I know not just a lover's relationship but family & friends as well. You see them online 24/7, Tweeting, streaming, on facebook. The same amount of time & characters it takes to do all that posting. You can reply to your love one's or friends.
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Neil Marshall Nov 14
Not very impressed to see a lorry driving through Slingsby this morning, steering wheel in one hand, mobile phone in the other.
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Louise O'Riordan Nov 13
you voted against the Fitness for Habitation Bill didn’t you? Why? Was it disregard for humans and their comfort in general? Another life needlessly lost
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BlinkDari29 11h
I when through a lot too.. ben bullyd every day in my childhood (I’m 30 now) so it doesn effect my anymore. Been kicked out by my Biological parent’s for being lesbian and not living up to their exspectations. My bio-mom called me ugly everyday, and I been 4x in life.
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Matt DeTurck 2h
I wwwwaaaaannnaaaaaa! I missed it.
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Paul Nov 13
Really? What has the media got to do with this? Facts: your orange king didn’t attend the ceremony in France on Saturday and he didn’t attend Arlington on Vetetans’ Day. There is for such shameful behaviour
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All About Fitness 6h
It’s full-body Thursday! Give me a 💪 or 👍 if you intend to get at LEAST 5 rounds cardio today (Nov 15). WARMUP & STRETCH first. Warm up by going on a 5-min brisk walk or light jog. @
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Ann Neona Nov 13
Replying to @CoryBooker
Body cameras w/audio mandatory on ALLpolice officers&noOfficerRiding SoloEver.ManyStateshaveAdopted this. I'm in this industry.TaserDonatedEquipment toThe entireCountry.Protects citizens&protectsGOODcops againstBadCitizens.Weeds outBAD cops!
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Mawuse Vuvor Nov 12
Replying to @J_Aseye @jkeyison and 7 others
I think identifying and acknowledging culture is fine until it infringes on someone's basic human rights. Talk of human rights - it doesn't imply you have to necessarily like it. If your culture makes your conduct harmful to another, your culture is the problem.
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Kevin K. 6h
You can't climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets. I just ripped my pockets off
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Ch Insp Adrian Leisk 3h
The team have been fully staffed and up and running from 1st October. We will be publishing monthly figures from both teams demonstrating their commitment to reduce harm on our road network.
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indica Nov 13
Replying to @cindyhydesmith
My grandma used to say, “if they spoke or acted that way in public, imagine how they spoke in private?” just proved the adage “I’d rather say nothing and be thought a fool, then to open my mouth and prove it”
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dr steph Nov 11
No, people have been posting returned ballots with the metered postage placed by the post office. The reason sited was that it could not be delivered....despite the address having been pre-printed on there.
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Inspector Simon Perry 9h
Great work by traffic colleagues in North last night 2 cars seized no insurance and one driver arrested suspected drug driving 👮🚔👍
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Ánnie Nov 14
. *Transactions may take up to 48 hours to settle. Bonus and eShop transactions may take longer. - but how much longer? are taking weeks.. & still counting! for such
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