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MsAnsbacherWHS Apr 24
The Healthy Relationships presentation and lunch has been rescheduled for 5/22/19 since we do not have SMART Lunch today. Ss learn more about healthy v unhealthy relationships at or
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California Applicants' Attorneys Association 17h
Did you know: continued sexual harassment in the workplace is a form of cumulative trauma. We're proud to stand with women around the world to root out sexual assault in all facets of life. There's .
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oswaldo 🧬 Apr 23
Replying to @lclord76 @chrisgeidner
Of you’re going to run for potus, have some clear policy proposals from DAY ONE
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Holli Tallulah 19h
you can get a pack of 10 plastic bowls from IKEA for £2
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forgoodSA 4h
While government officials promised results by May, activists say they’ve had to put pressure on officials for any progress to happen. In the meanwhile, check out our campaign for ways you can get involved.
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Camborne Police 7h
Just passed your test? You don’t have as many points to lose as experienced drivers. If you commit 1 offence and get 6 points in the first 2 years, you'll lose your licence. Not picking anyone up now, are you…
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Frieda Smith Apr 23
“Defend himself?” The cop already maced the kid and the tossed him on the ground. Cop was in control. Proceeded to bang kid’s face on pavement twice. When kid instinctively reached for his face, he was punched in the head by cop.
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Dave SGA Staffs Uni Apr 23
Looking forward to the sexual violence liaison officer award (SVLO) with in Manchester for the next 3 days
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Kai O'Doherty (VP Welfare) Apr 23
There's for sexual harassment of any form, and we are frustrated to see our University's gym space made to feel unsafe for anyone.
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Danielle🎸Palmer 💜 Apr 18
Just another example of how little the life of a woman means. Men are weapons against women and they know they have that strength. That man made a choice to kill her, overpower her. His life should be taken. Keep him in jail, we don't need men like that.
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NLSportsFan Apr 23
Replying to @byr_ne
Ride them into the ground. Matthews , JT, Marner, should have all been 23+ min tonight . IMO . . Hyman playing hurt (which I love bc he’s a warrior ). But no need to have him out there late .
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Prime Cap Apr 23
Replying to @robert_aldous
It is possible to rattle through all the series in about a week. Do stick with it. Has the rock you’ve been living under recently gotten Sky or something?
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Christopher Lee Apr 23
Replying to @AdamHillLVRJ
Except that cost them 1 touchdown.// you can’t give up FOUR goals on the penalty kill...
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Cerrell 21h
We sported our best denim in support of & raise awareness to end sexual assault & associated misconceptions of victims in our society. Education, dialogue & awareness of this issue is important as ever. Visit to get involved.
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D&C Police No Excuse 4h
Have you received a letter like this from ? If so it would be a good idea to insure your vehicle before driving it... this letter was found in the vehicle we have just seized on the A38 near
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Stephanie Metcalf 5h
Work for what you want! Don't let anyone talk you out of it, not even YOURSELF! No one is too busy, it's just not your PRIORITY. ❤Team Boss
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josie Apr 24
every 98 seconds an American is sexually assaulted. and every year just in the US there is an average of 321,500 cases of sexual assault and rape reported.
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Princess SA Apr 24
Princess Hockey SA was brought to South Africa just 10 years ago and now we are one of the top top top hockey brands in the country! Thanks for your support and being part of the ! when you play with PRINCESS!
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Hannah Brisbane Apr 24
Replying to @EdinburghUni
Really disappointed by ’s inaction in this case. These are from the uni’s own campaign... Starting to wonder if they meant it or if these were just something to hang on toilet doors?
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ESPNCoastal 17h
Saturday 9am Vaden Corp office on Abercorn Street Savannah. FREE ACT & SAT TUTORING 💯 Presented by If you a ride from downtown DM us. come improve yourself student athletes. Spread the word..
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