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🍃CannaVille_Villain😈 12m
Happens all the time. I just her make if she’s average.
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Anna B 7h
working in Tauntom the other day, solicitor coming from London paid £180 for the train fare, I drove costing me £30 in fuel. It's double distance from London, so cost £60 in fuel. She was also late, probs with the train. Now tell me a reason I should ditch my car!!!
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FHSBrown23 16h
This is an unbelievable opportunity for our STUDENTS! Our kids deserve this! Invest in our kids, community, and future!
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イルカショーをボイコットをしよう vegan 16m
Replying to @JPN_PMO
2/2 . Whaling→fewer whales→more CO2→globalwarming→rise in →disappearing →less oxygen→fewer fish. Whaling destroys the basis of life & is shortsighted. Healthy whale population→healthy ocean→healthy planet
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Ariane Todes Jan 21
Picked up this leaflet last week at the . The events look like lots of fun. When are London orchestras going to engage with amateur musicians?
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Sudhansu 10h
Replying to @ponananthvs
Pant should be a starter in T20I
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(((ant))) 5h
It’s because they are terrorists.
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Jenna Jan 15
Replying to @DevoDLive
how are you comparing these 2 LOL bruhhh Queen Bey
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Splendid Animation Jan 21
Just realized I have an outfit for taking in theatre movies. Jeans, hoody, ball cap every time
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You’re pretty so I 🅤 Jan 20
for Derrick Rose...straight up....
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_____Janet______ Jan 19
Replying to @jordanknight
Chicago of course! Centrally located
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exasperated 8h
- not driving to Bootle from southport to work every day when I can work from my home !!
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zZzzzZzyy Jan 22
Jopetinizationism 2-2 CHAPTER! "we don't do amortization. " OPEN FOR NEW MEMBERS! Join na po kayo! ❤️ paki-pm lang ang ating fansclub president na si 🤗
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Tai Harris Jan 19
Would you trade all your Ryder Cup points for one major
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Fourtrades Jan 21
Replying to @lawmaster
Does it really matter if they burn based on profit? No, the end goal is the same. If they are willing to burn regardless of profit that is extremely positive for BNB. 100 mil coins will still be burned. The supply is still decreasing. Demand is increasing.
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Ger Conroy Fitness 20h
Unlimited Gym Access Now ONLY €35 p.m Unlimited Classes Now ONLY €50 p.m Unlimited Gym & Classes Now ONLY €55 p.m Each offer gives you full access to all of the Ger Conroy Fitness Gyms. All offers are subject to a 12 month contract with no Joining Fee.
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caroline pegram Jan 15
ABC surges in December 2019 Nielsen figures as Australians hunt for bushfire coverage.
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MJ03 Jan 20
Replying to @spinph @dolphtrythis
Brownlee go for China and secure that 💰💰💰, your basic pay in china is what you get from winning a title for SMC.
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Lloyd's Energy Limited Jan 19
Replying to @Socialites_Ches
Hey! All we need is a bill we will check if commercial clients are due a rebate or are paying too much FOC😀
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bring .... it .... on #2020 👠 2h
If it was up to me
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