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Josef Gas 15h
Support local trades! Support blue collar! jonbingham_
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Stewart Askew Nov 17
Well he does seem to be the one pedo who got a pass publically. Let the shit come out in this day and age! Just ask Kevin Spacey Disney
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simon wheeler 12h
Replying to @nfergus @ST_Newsroom
So the same article as you published in The Sunday Times this weekend past.
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Nathan James Nov 14
Credit where credit is due , Emma from your Thornhill\Cardiff store massively exceeded expectations, despite the odds!!
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Paul Ash 19h
your books are very good, can't wait for the next one. 😀
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matt burmann Nov 10
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gypsy jhoni,the metal lovechild\m/ Nov 15
now hey,I don’t know what the hell was blabbing about,since I thoroughly enjoyed ,and I’m a rock’n’roll lifer,ya dig? But I do have deep country roots,so...
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John Leksander Nov 15
Replying to @primastara
Hey that's great! Love your voice! I topped the sales charts in 2015 with hip hop we should do a collab!
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Ben Pankonin 8h
When my friends add me to their email marketing list and I'm checking out their automation strategy...
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Peter Chivers Nov 13
Fantastic core/glute/leg strength !! 👏👏
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#StopTalkStartDoing Nov 11
Replying to @CNN
Yep. grabbing mics away from young female interns and talking over people ruined that for everyone.
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New England Crusader Nov 17
Nic Anderson tallied 15 pts, 4 rebs & 3 steals in St Mike’s win.
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tvmurray Nov 15
I think you’re doing a great job hosting . Very personable and charismatic, and the way that you’re engaging with the guests is great.
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(6*Gs)PineRidgeAIM_CA Nov 10
Replying to @bradkiid977
Ya man I can’t F’in wait! I’m too busy with classes rn anyhow but can’t wait to get back In the action keep the shots coming haha
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Joel Cruz Nov 12
Replying to @StfuSoftball
Looked like he was pushing after that first pitch. 🤙🏼
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Lance W Pete Nov 10
Thanks for your excellent coverage of this year. Really enjoy all aspects of the broadcasts, especially your on air announcers and
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Brad Woods Nov 13
Replying to @InactionNever
Don't know who to give kudos to more...the kid, or the store! all around!
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Newton Abbot College Nov 12
Congrats to Yr 10, Florence Streather, who was awarded Gr. 8 Distinction in Musical Theatre in Production following her participation in devised piece ‘Extinction’. An amazing achievement!
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Jain Boon Nov 13
In a youth club for and listening to youth worker talking to young guy about how the brain works over a game of pool.
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Janet T Beckett 💚 #EngineofHope #JC4PM #GTTO Nov 12
Tory MP Daniel Kawzcynski on is also paid £72,000.00 a year from a New York mining "investment" company likely to benefit from a bad
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