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V Apr 21
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Pheebz Apr 19
When mass catering gives you this delicious mackerel for 610 yen (£4)
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Nicky from Japan 19h
please have a look and help!! Beg you!! For press go to page to see his story! A baby in death sentence in the UK 😭😭😭
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Stuart Bridges Apr 20
Watching a program on . It claims Chevron sued over some oil issue. Result? Ecuador forced to cut subsidies and payments to its poor. If true, capitalism is out of control. Corporates are getting bigger than some sovereign nations
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Joseph Canari 18h
Game over. Anderson standing on his head like in game 3. See you in Toronto Monday for game 6.
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福山佳孝 5h
Replying to @Redbullairrace
Waiting for the LIVE by Japan
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【ち】の人 7h
The Fugitive..
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Iron Klaus 14h
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