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Sunday Jan 16
Job weldone from pmb and the vp, level
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Krown3ssance87 Jan 17
Replying to @TMZ
Whatever little girl, thank-you but, Not to mention the company Copy Cat Beauty that endorsed her only has 16K followers on Instagram and Kylie has 19.1M, weak.
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Emeka@heart 12h
RE: LEVEL. Please which next level? Is it PMB's next level? Or which?
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GETEMBOY Enterprise. 2h
Adrian Broners only legacy in boxing is that he's an idiot. A ton of potential, but never put in the real work. Too busy trying to be a Hip Hop Star and never became a true Champion. AB your times up...
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Reilly Brown 3h
This is so damn frustrating! Also so many times we're dropping out of games? Any suggestions?
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Abi Fish 10h
nope, i’m done giving chances. bye, 👀
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Daring Greatly 13h
— musichouse_collective presents and , anguswilsonmusic LIVE at in Ocean Beach, San Diego, California on Thursday, January 24th,…
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Tope Yusuff 49m
Vote PMB as your president again come February 16. level #4+4
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Jesse Unk 18h
Replying to @JayPea2018 @boberto123
No examples? Hatin for twitter fame.
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Jones Musara 16h
Whatever grievance you may have as a citizen of Zimbabwe you dont inform the Gvnt by engaging in attempts to shutdown the State.Engaging in Crime is never the right way to air grievance. time vakashedzera shutdown hawubudi futi
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Jennifer Jan 16
Replying to @degomikec
Bic has already made ads mentioning how women should just ‘be happy’...for years commercials have been sending women messages that not all of us agree with or like. Your argument is invalid
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real 30 challenge - most of all middle aged man have to face 30 challenge of life as last . A reminder to them to do to in remaining 30 years period/.
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Saaundra Lowry Jan 18
That better not come for He’s the 👑‼️😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 She can go back to being boring & irrelevant now.....
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Sunday Jan 17
Replying to @APCNigeria
The pmb all the way, level
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Marv 6h
Replying to @_suhmoan
I’ll save you some time.
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CareerEnder Jan 18
Replying to @chasingZAYS @_yeeezzy
Only thing overrated is your bad built undercooked dough looking body in yo avi !
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Yung $tack$ 2h
Another night here... puttin in this wrk. If ya need studio time get at me. I’m
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Bodhi Dusk 18h
Just stumbled upon . Always excited to discover a new artist. Songs about bitches, hoes and reducing women to sex objects... Yeah Ima pass.
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Sarita Dawn 1h
And there goes any fleeting interest I had in Collins.
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⚡️ 23h
Doubt it - move on✨
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