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RK Dec 8
Finally I understood why & hate He was Master in creating spaces for different opinions and Crafting policies to encourage faith in his Govt with Devil's(Modi's) Advocate Karan Thapar on the shrinking space for in Politics
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Nishant Varma - ReVolter 10h
Replying to @AmitShah
One must Read Advani, to know who is Responsible for Partition 1947. per , in the forthcoming time after Regretted it happening and distressed for giving his Approvals for you are Wrong. wasn't made on Religious Lines.
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Ayaaz Ahmad Qaasmi 8h
BJP's Cycle of Politics for 6 years and we see the following are trending in our country, everyday, everyday . But- . High Debt Low GDP
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Sudheendra Kulkarni 6h
India demeaned by a small man. With this one sentence - “ did India’s Partition on the basis of religion“ - has not only falsified history of Freedom Movement but also insulted its tallest and most respected leaders: , , , ...
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Paramjeet Singh Dec 8
Please watch this video where Muslim Minister of UK bluntly stated that has destroyed Hinduism in India just for the sake of money and power.
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Sushil Pandit🇮🇳. 3h
Replying to @neelakantha
2) 'Secular' handed over the and to 'Jihadi' , as hostages. They were us in undivided . Stranded in they face a relentless genocide. Shouldn't we address their plight without bending over backwards, for perverse secular 'balancing'?
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First why this Idiot called accepted the division of country,then he addresses them as brothers and sisters . He was a great moron.
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Саурабх Шарма 2h
Awesome debate Amit shah ji in lokshabha. I salute you. ----------->namo
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Nikhil Sharma 7h
Replying to @snikhil445
I hope they(BJP) don't blame congress for the battle of and Maratha's loss. I'm pretty sure like everyone else that it was not who proposed Two Nation Theory but your very dear , so curse him not the Gandhi family....
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Manish Pandey Dec 8
Replying to @ROMESHSHAH2
ne discovery of India likha
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Loose_Bull 🇮🇳 Dec 4
Bharat is a Hindu Rashtra ... It became .. the day ‘ Muslim Countries ‘ were carved in 1947 🤔!! There is no harm in trying to correct the Blunders Of History committed by & Gang 😎
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RSR 4h
Replying to @RSR_MeriDuniya
4/5 Correction-2 where is the Bill ,? and what was the poltical intention during Miya people and ethnic Assamese accepted Millions of Muslims who mother tongue is Assamese who grown up as Politicians
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Abhijit Paul Dec 7
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शिमला पिपड़ी Dec 5
Thanks to bjo otherwise I would have never known that my first PM was such a great personality.
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Sumesh Pillai スメシュ・ピライ 5h
Replying to @SudheenKulkarni
Why should I believe that didn't had a role in partition of India ? family history is mentioned herewith.
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Anoop Kotwal🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 8h
Here comes the dynasty slave to Savior of and the Nehruvian blunders. Your heart beats for Rohangiya terrorists only.
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Vaibhav Mishra Dec 1
The govt must rework & revamp his name than to discipline The spectre of is again withering the ability of the modi govt.
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Aakash Singh Rathore 15h
Who wrote the to the of ? Discover the of its drafting, as we soon celebrate 70 years of the that it inaugurated! Order now:
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Vivek Sood Dec 8
One look at this lady’s face & u know you r looking at venomous creature. Nehru is simply beyond their comprehension .Every time Sanghis talk ill about , they bare their filthy bellies.They expose their perennial inferiority complex.
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अनमोल पालेकर Dec 3
The one's who were giving credit to modi for cheap data when jio was launched. Are blaming congress when jio increased it's rate. 🤔 Did advised ambani to increase tarrif?
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