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prashant jain Feb 10
How is safe in 's hand Bechaare ji 😂🤣😅
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archit watts Feb 18
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to review poll results today, calls meet
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Mohit Parihar Feb 10
tastes his first defeat, in his debut election as BJP national President. His first defeat is imminent. Hoping more from you sir
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No need to be disappointed with result: tells workers
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YashvinR Feb 15
Take Note looks like will be the reason why would fall. They understand Islam n it’s upholders who have so far not denounce any part of Koran that is anti-Humanity. Yet has started supporting
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Tony Wegerle Feb 12
- these are the people, elected by your , who have ensured your poverty!! 29% have no jobs? You chose them!! They robbed but made sure you got ! ! ! And then they blamed aka ???
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Devdiscourse Feb 16
Maha govt ''unnatural, unrealistic'':
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Joshua T Berglan Feb 13
Replying to @barbarowps @DLoesch
Who is we? You get the same level of attention on your tweets as I do....
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Devdiscourse Feb 15
to meet BJP's State Executive Committee members in Mumbai tomorrow
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Devdiscourse Feb 11
accepts mandate, will act as constructive opposition:
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Balvir Amin Feb 10
Replying to @rohini_sgh
Not even ??? bali ka .
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Friends of Congress Feb 12
is perfect . Like the , he will put every blame on , especially their own failures...
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manishbpl Feb 10
News channels have been instructed to use JP Nadda’s photo and not the Prime Minister’s if loses today. If BJP wins the credit, of course, will go to and . Serious Q: Do we call him or Naada? 🤔
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vikram Feb 10
Is anyone talking of -he had the help of the entire stalwarts the tongue waggers the hate team former president current chief ministers of States ruling and out -inspite of that ammunition as well as goli goli & blue boys is loosing
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💞 तारीफ डीके 💞【हरियाणा आले】 Feb 10
पोस्टर के लगे रैलीयां ने लीड की चुनाव की अध्यक्षता में हार रहे हैं रो रहा है ख़तरे में आ रहा है 😂😂 मनोज तिवारी की फटी हुई है 😉
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AbdullahHatesPakBJPRSS Feb 11
Replying to @aajtak
ke bhabishya pe!
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Elangovan Shanmugam Feb 10
's pictures on Election Result ADs is a huge give away on tomorrow's . If was winning it would have been and . Now that they are losing, they are just saving face. As usual shameless.
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Dr Vishal Gupta Feb 11
Replying to @JPNadda
sahab, Haar to honi hi thi. Karyakartao ne apna best diya. Pur mujhe bus ye batao k me sahi kaam karne wale hain kitna log?
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