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Golden Oxen 9m
Replying to @GrantMBeasley
Looks like a normal healthy correction to me?? 🤔
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Melissa Marrero 19m
Attention we want it all. We shouldn’t settle for one thing. We need to be aggressive and fight for everything. We should play offense!
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Replying to @hellbenthagen
That's when I decided it was beneficial to start looking for a more quality product. Apparently they aren't all the same as I found out. If you have the means to find the best, why not use the best.
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Aiman Zuki Sep 12
‘Jangan kisah apa orang cakap’ ‘U can’t please everyone lah bro’ ‘Kisah pulak orang nak dengki’ The thing is black magic isn’t fake bro,it’s good to share your happiness,but not for everyone. Do you know who is ‘someone’? If you don’t,then mind your limits.
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MiminesS Sep 14
Don't look down on other people. We are all flawed.
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Frank LaMee 9h
I truly believe that you guys should spend a part of the broadcast on all these small teams. Show them on TV show their sponsors shout out their sponsors maybe that will bring new smaller sponsors into NASCAR. 10 small ones equals one big one.
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Where's Your Outrage 10h
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Markus Sep 15
Replying to @xxdanni_80 @DM7280
Reply, when you are confirmed that you can add something to the post that gives the person an extra value. Or when you know the person likes to think about you. Or when you can provide a really GOOD joke.
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Jen 23h
As a fan, I don’t use the term to belittle anyone. A lot of the musicians had long hair. There was some hairspray involved. And the music kicked ass. Glam metal, hair metal ... who cares? 🤷🏼‍♀️
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Johnny G. Sep 13
Replying to @cliftonC76
Wow, this is truly a new one. Don’t hold your tongue though if te product will suffer.
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King ov Metal - Epic Viking Lord Sep 11
If a male is a picky eater then he’s a bitch.
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Dane Yoshida Sep 14
No shade to anyone playing Wow Classic, but I have ZERO interest revisiting that version. I did my bit for king and country. This ho will stay loyal for future expansions, but vanilla wow? Yeah. I'm good. Glad it is doing well though.
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anniesmokely Sep 12
“politics” in the acting world confuses me sometimes. don’t u want ur project to be the best? don’t u want the brightest, best fit, most talented team? sometimes that means casting outside the ordinary and regular folks u work with all the time.
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Wezza 💚 19h
Some people will like it. Some people will hate it. Nobody expects perfection. All of the people want it to be the best it can be. Nothing wrong with that. Keep your opinions going on the FB page, it’s where the devs will see them.
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Mola Rahm Emanuel Sep 11
shouldve went with this one but thats just my opinion
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Bethany Lynn Sep 14
Replying to @JHugo13
Maybe if they let Cam be Cam he’d be more happy and enthusiastic. They are taking away his legs. He’s pissed.
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Blake Snow Sep 7
What we need right now is our biggest stars speaking about the danger word: POLITICS. You all got the eyeballs, the voice of the culture. Use it to shape the country. K thanks bye.
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Von Frasier (Phraser) Sep 14
This should be first episode.
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L Sep 8
Someone should invent some grout that bloody well works!
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Kimberly Kahn 9h
Ok you NEED to be your Tommy Diljas!!! After watching him this season on SYTYCD it’s all I could think about when I watched him dance!
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