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Antti Poikola Aug 9
Thanks for the data co-ops video on ! You might be interested in the operators work
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is not one concrete solution – it can manifest itself through several approaches, services and infrastructures. 💡 🔎 You can do research on all of the possibilities of human-centric from the MyData Case Library.
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Three data-related laws were enacted this August in Korea, marking the dawn of a new digital age - the era of . Join the webinar at 10-11 KST to learn more! 🔹Open Source & Open Standards 🔹Decentralized ID & Storage 🔹Interoperability
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Fredrik Lindén Aug 13
Replying to @DrEricDing @AronFlam
I would and will personally wait with judgemental comments until there is enough trustworthy data globally including some adherence to principles. congrats to today's success also outside of the herd, you are worth it!
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Henry Cort Aug 12
Google and the invalidation of the Shield agreement.
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Yes! Together we can create fair, sustainable, and prosperous , where the sharing of is based on trust as well as balanced relationship between individuals and organisations. Everyone wins!
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John Wunderlich Aug 11
Get your submission in for the best data conference of the year
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A weekly digest from the topics brewing in Global's Slack workspace 🔽
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Gener8 Ads 14h
📮Friday's Post Day📮🥳 Lots of marketplace rewards heading your way today 💫 thank you to everyone using 💖 💌 Happy Friday all! 💌
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Replying to @mydataorg
The awards are a continuation of the work around vision starting already 2013, where sharing and use of is envisioned to be transparent and controlled by individuals. See who are the operators & read the white paper here:
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Thais Ruiz de Alda 20h
Just Signed!! Join the cause and sign the Declaration!
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Dixon Siu Aug 8
is planning to submit three different proposals! How many are you going to submit? 1. ONE FUJITSU (experts from all regions) 2. Future of Asia ( you guys interested?) 3. PDS Maniacs (any volunteers?)
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Fiona Watts Aug 7
means My Data Our Data should not be withheld from us in order that Insurance lawyers, paralegals, CEO & t'others make a career out of
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Maria Jalavisto Aug 6
Less targeting leads to more money? 😳 Publishers might have more money for creating content if contextual advertising was used 💶🖊 Good results from the Netherlands!
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Scott Schwebke Aug 6
The latest The ChalkOutline Blotter! Thanks to contributors
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Joonatan Henriksson Aug 12
Löytyy sekä hyödyntäjäpuolella että Gaia X infran rakennuspalikoiksi sekä sääntökirjoiksi, mm: Suomen pitää auttaa konkretisoimaan tuota isoa kokonaisuutta, jotta siitä aletaan saamaan nopeasti tavoiteltuja hyötyjä irti.
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MikaHelenius Aug 7
Europe has one strategic role in & . This must be changed as it costs 100 billion € by 2050 to 🇪🇺 citizens, companies and goverments.
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Fiona Watts Aug 8
Replying to @EE
Greetings Ummh? What happened to my 3 requests for ? RE; I sought a best WRITTEN response to my complaint about LOL?
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SNI Aug 7
Frequently asked questions for E-Books in have been released by . The document provides useful answers to major questions for and operators. Learn more on our website:
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Lauri Ojala 🇫🇮🇪🇺🌍 Aug 11
Replying to @HeikuraMarkku
Onko Suomen etätyöskentely kestävällä pohjalla?
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