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Callum Aug 15
Replying to @joeallen02
Only thing growing is your neck
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Cameron Young 1h
Replying to @danpfeiffer
If I were going back in time, I don't think I'd let it go at that.
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Replying to @arieljones411
I haven't had the or but would welcome an exposure because they are important building blocks of the human immune.
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can spread quickly when people are living in close quarters, like a college dorm. Look out for these symptoms, and learn how to stay safe:
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Tony Marshall 18h
Anyone who's child is treated for , or should be charged for all treatment.
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HPSC 14h
There were 14 cases of reported last week. People with mumps should stay at home 🏘️🏙️ Do not attend work, school or university for at least five days after the salivary glands begin to swell to prevent infection spreading.
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Fiona McKenzie-Smith 6h
Can't believe parents/guardians aren't protecting their children with such well documented and effective jabs! - lets get the UK measles-free - AGAIN!
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Dr Jeff foster 5h
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CrowdPleeza Aug 10
Replying to @AHIPCoverage
Get your kids vaccinated for the . The mumps can cause hearing loss for some kids.
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EastMidsFOAMed 9h
Replying to @EM3FOAMed
Worth mentioning as is clearly on the rise worldwide (not just the UK) we'd like to remind everyone that and has also seen dramatic increases in 2019.
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and is circulating. Ensure you have two doses of vaccine from your GP practice to be protected
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Dr Philippa Kaye 9h
The UK has lost its measles free status and only 87% of children are having the full course of 2 MMR vaccines. Measles can kill
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Dr. Melvin Sanicas 19h
According to , over half a million children in the went unvaccinated against measles between 2010 - 2017. Johnson will call for NHS to meet a target of 95% of children receiving both doses of the .
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George Mensah, MD 6h
.. Not just for ! See recommendations for : 1 2 , diphtheria, pertussis 3 , , 4 Varicella 5 6 7 8 A, B 9 Meningococcal ACWY, B
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Sentinel Colorado Aug 18
Report: 2 Group staff contracted at immigration detention center | Sentinel Colorado
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Beyond Borders Medtours Aug 18
Mumps is a viral infection that affects the salivary glands and is easily preventable by a vaccine.
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Positively Joan Aug 17
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Laura Aug 15
can be a hotspot for the spread of a disease such as . Students and in particular, are at much higher risk because they mix with a lot of new people & spend large amounts of time together often in small spaces. Best protection is to be fully vaccinated!
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Meaghan Aug 13
I've thought about it and I think the Mumps episode is my favourite episode.
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Burton Mail Aug 12
In total there have been 73 people who have been diagnosed with suffering from the illness this year so far.
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