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Luke.exe has stopped Jul 6
My day has just been ruined
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SweetTea 2h
I concur. So I say let’s get back to and . 👍
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I say this once for all =
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Dan K. Eberhart 4h
Any Democrat who thinks will provide any other kind of bombshell in his testimony wasn't paying attention to what Mueller said in his press conference. Muller said his report was his testimony. His report found no collusion. Case closed.
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🏦quanzae🐣:bakarilist Jul 13
I’ve never seen government need criminal defense attorneys
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Go London Apartments 14h
Need accommodation for the Muller Anniversary Games 2018 at London Stadium?
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Down Under Voice Jul 13
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
clean up crew. Anything democrats missed, Muller had access to tidy and cover up democrats corrupt.
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Sidd Longblade Jul 10
Replying to @Jim_Jordan
I know, right? Absolutely nothing came out of the investigation. It's not like anyone was convicted, plead guilty or even charged with a crime!!! Total exoneration!
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scott ♏️ Jul 9
That’s rich and of course a big fat LIE! Apparently the two and a half year investigation by special prosecutor who didn’t find any facts to back up your allegations, YOU still insist and believe what your told!
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AUTomeylor Jul 10
Replying to @AUTomeylor
THE essentially indicates as such
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Steven Deeble Jul 7
Inside TCM’s Noir Alley with Eddie Muller
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Jeff Phillips Jul 10
Another prediction: It is likely that the extremely sordid & disturbing case, especially the allegations involving Trump himself, will turn out to be a bigger threat than 's testimony.
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Tarik Salama 21h
What a cool way to read a heavy boring legal document easily ... Love it! 👍👍👍
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Deplorable - Curtis Jul 13
Replying to @CREWcrew @NeaveMartha
1) The being used as a source! 2) leans so far left they need a kickstand! 3) has more exp., legal knowledge, & integrity than The Shill ever 💭 of having! 4) Did I also mention Barr is only the 2nd person in 🇺🇸 history to becom twice! 🇺🇸
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Reda StCyr Jul 9
So glad 2 have Representative interviewing next week
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Daily-Retrospective 5h
Replying to @kylegriffin1
Oh that’s right is testifying soon. Oh yes America I get it, the news will be horrible for and so they plan a wk ahead.
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InsertCoolNameHere Jul 8
American? Love your country? Go read the report. Your country has been influtrated.
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John OH Jul 12
negotiating testimony sounds so
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Days are as HOT as the prices during the summer sale in MOM Park! Get ready for the beach with some shopping! ☀🍹🏖
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Ivan Howard Jul 6
Loving the “Joker” lap in the World Touring Car race from in
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