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Morgan Makoi Feb 8
Replying to @tariqnasheed
..yes but. They were Black before they were Albion / Britens. The blueyes, hair lips, etc were the beginning of their devilution. & ...
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ButtercupS Etsy Ebay 22h
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ABQ Mudd Volleyball Feb 10
Haven't registered your team for yet? What are you waiting for?! Registration is now open and you don't want to miss the muddiest party of the year!
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💃🏼💋TXTrumpGirl💋💃🏼 Feb 4
Could not of said it better! I will not tolerate his foolishness and I reported him to all the agencies! /more Mr. Pecker in the # better walk that back now; as for you you’re just as guilty for having him on! Threatening IS illegal
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Peter lachiana Jan 30
On .. the ex FBI guy .. He called "Andy", not Andrew, as well yesterday while speaking during a segment... Very interesting...
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🍷TXLuvsStraightShooters🍷 Feb 4
if you ever let that scumbag get on your show again threatening our we are going to file suit against you and the scum bag knock it off I’ve already reported him to the Secret Service you’re next
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TrumpGuy Feb 4
NEWS: , former , , WH brass, has threatened more than once. said: “government will kill ,” & “ has been around since 1908, has been around 13 months - we will win.”
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Mike Deaton Feb 4
Replying to @EzR1dr
. There are no winners or losers. There is America and we won’t stand for corruption by CNN FBI or the President. Or your lies.
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Native Kitten Feb 4
appropriate last name I must say
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Peter lachiana Feb 4
Replying to @JulianAssange
is part of the swamp!! He calls "Andy"..
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James :) Feb 1
NyQuil & karo only thing we sip 😈😈 #Drankk
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MePoli TicsUS Feb 3
Replying to @dbongino
Wasn’t there another involved in a treasonous act?
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Replying to @BreitbartNews
Sounds something like sedition. Close anyway.
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JT Feb 14
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Dealdiva 17h
Hurry Ending Soon Mudd Headwear Women's Winter Hat Thick Gray Black & White Knit Crystal Studded | eBay
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Xaanja Ganja Free 23h
Is it just me...?? (probably) I see 👁 a in a pool of —his two buddies out with their hands on their heads! 😮
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maxh¥@n🍔 24h
🎱The color BLACK is more than JUST a color🐃
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Brick Oneal® Feb 17
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Morgan Makoi Feb 17
Replying to @leslieleeiii
..Agreed. A leap of a movie would be nice. Yes but 's treating w/the CIA is akin the Zulu's treating w/the British & makes a reliant on a benevolence we know Whites don't possess. & ...
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Barry Feb 16
Replying to @zerohedge @Rigged_It
Beyond pathetic and designed to once again cast & stir the Russian pot. & attempting to in by via or direct against - campaign Like won’t wash off
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