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KeepOrMullMtg 46m
Deck: Rakdos Aggro On the Draw Format: Standard Deck list:
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Andrea Mengucci Apr 4
Time for Sultai to lose to Red is overrrrr!!! Time to update the command !Red after putting 4 of this in all of my MD/SB.
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The Itta Apr 6
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MF - week 2 Thrusday Qualifier 2 Thrusday Qualifier 3 Thrusday Qualifier 4 Friday Qualifier 1 Friday Qualifier 2
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treeroy6670 6h
Join me at 630 PM EST for my stream @ Streaming first week of standard league!
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Mary Fortner Mar 31
Going live with our local MTG Arena Standard Tournament! Watch me beat local players! (Unless they are playing RDDOS. . . @ Get Some Game
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Star City Games Apr 6
Look who is smitten with Shark Typhoon! explains why the cycling enchantment will give control teeth in Standard!
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