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Steve Wyborney Aug 10
In less than a week, my YouTube multiplication course will be completely ready! It's very, very close! It's completely free for all students, educators, and parents. It's 12 chapters, designed for grades 3-8.
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samjshah2 Aug 10
If you want to kids to be able to set up appointments with you to sign up for individual help, and you use zoom, this is how I did it last year and will do it this year. It worked super well for me and my kiddos.
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Theresa Wills Aug 7
Who's ready to make some math games where kids can play COLLABORATIVELY in REAL TIME? I have a few decks and dice, but can the and community make more?
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Paige Aug 10
Teachers who have used zoom breakout rooms: how do you handle managing several rooms at once? I’m nervous about not being able to observe them all and then having something happen that I didn’t see because I was in a different breakout room.
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Knowledgehook 8m
Here's another language-free question being added to our bank of 900+ virtual manipulatives! Let's remove the language barrier in learning math! 🚀
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Robert Kaplinsky Aug 9
I so love this quote from : "The role of a leader is not to come up with all the great ideas. The role of a leader is to create an environment in which great ideas can happen."
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Lauren Johnson Aug 10
I decided to use interactive notebooks online this year to keep my Ss organized and give equitable access to notes/organization. (we are 1:1 and routers were issued so I am confident about the tech access).
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Mike Flynn Aug 10
Lots of fun math here. Enjoy!
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Claire Verti 23h
if you haven’t been to in a while, they are creating collections for distance learning for specific grade levels
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samjshah2 Aug 6
I'm wondering what people are thinking re: math ed tech things for their remote teaching in the fall. There's so much out there. So far I'm only sold on Desmos. What other things are people considering using? cc: , didn't you collect this from Ts?
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Meghan Hein 16h
Back in the classroom after 7 amazing years of learning in various roles in our school district. Coaching in math was my most recent and probably favorite... but have no fear... these second graders will be identifying as mathematicians in no time! 🤓❤️
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Ashley Taplin Aug 9
With SO many amazing websites & tools for virtual learning, I made a Play Card for coaching and developing instruction w Ts. Use the QR code to to access websites during planning/PLC. What would you add? Read more & download a copy here:
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This collection of problems will ensure sidewalks (and math instruction) will never be boring again! Engage your students with Math Walks:
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Kelli Freiwald 19h
I found this puzzle in an old math calendar but it didn’t have an answer! Any volunteers to help me verify one/some?
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Theresa Wills Aug 9
✅Students can interact in REAL TIME ✅Students can collaborate TOGETHER ✅Teachers can observe their thinking in REAL TIME ✅Students can use a phone, tablet, or computer 👏👏FREE templates at 👏👏More templates added daily
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Mandi Tolen 11h
Make Math Not Suck is available for presale on Amazon RIGHT NOW!!! If you order in presale, send me an email or direct message here showing you purchased and I'll send you stickers!!!
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Sara VanDerWerf Aug 4
Replying to @JulieKennebeck
You and your students emotional health comes first right now. I wish I could help thing that helps me is a daily practice of deep breathing with polygons (the polygons are optional😂). is a family. Let us know how we can support you.
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Kelly O'Shea Aug 7
Here are my slides from last night's seminar on building class culture. My focus was on how the routines and structures that I choose in my classes will reinforce or change the beliefs and values that my students bring into the room.
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Ali Grace Eiland Aug 10
So, last week I got TONS of responses about your favorite activities. I tried my best to organize them into collections according to level--High School & Middle School. Links below if you're interested! Thank you to everyone who responded!
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Jennifer Dao Aug 10
Sharing a working template of weekly learning contract I plan to share w Ss for r learning. Want metacognition for Ss to choose practice: Mild medium or spicy problems. Everyone will do the desbook lessons & record lvl of understanding after cooldown. Feedbackwelcome 1/2
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