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Tommy Hicks Apr 15
Thanks to a well-coordinated campaign w/ the , Dems have been deceiving the American people & lying about the benefits of the . Fact is the majority of Americans paid less in taxes this year—and that is BAD news for Dems.
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PinkGelato 15m
Replying to @workmanalice
It's. A. Joke. Sarcasm. And journalists wonder why ppl are fed up with .
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Holy Abbess Amber #JC4PM🌹🦇 🇨🇮 🇵🇸 🌈 Apr 16
Not a single one of my 6.2k followers retweeted this, despite my urging you all repeatedly to do so, which shows what a good job the ruling elite, Tory Govt & have done in brain-washing you re. .
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Trish Regan 12h
After a 2 year investigation based on UNVERIFIED source material (the “dossier”) the results are clear: DID NOT collude w/ Russians - but he did attempt to defend himself against the onslaught of bogus charges. And, for that, the left and want to take him down.
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PragerU 9h
It's a despicable practice by the . Watch 👉
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Mhairi Forrest 10h
The people listening to their “jokes” need to figure out (looking at you, ) that sociopaths don’t have a sense of humor.
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💧Denise Allen 18h
Sorry Twitter, have to leave you for night. I can't bear seeing another bloody photo of Morrison in church pretending he's a good person....he's not.
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Trish Regan Apr 18
Reminder: Mueller was trying to see if he enough evidence to charge the President. He didn’t have enough evidence. Yet- the suggesting this is some kind coverup by Barr. Surreal.
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#helen#jc4pm Apr 19
Replying to @helenhateshate
Dishonest acts eg secretly recording conversations with corbyn, and running to for them to use snippets to try and attack him Being aggressive Doing the fight against antisemitism harm by drowning jennif sec with huge numbers of claims that were either false or not from
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anxiety con queso Apr 19
Replying to @nytimes
The police chief was fired for illegal wiretapping - media says he shouldnt have been b/c he is black. Wouldn't it be racist NOT to fire him b/c hes black, holding him to a different standard than a white person? cant stand idea of gay president & will ruin this guy
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SooS 6h
"Don't you dare twist my words like that" says "journalist" 😂🤣
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Country over party, laws over any individual Apr 17
Replying to @RepJerryNadler
Tomorrow is a big test for .
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Jagannath 2h
Is the media more divisive than political parties ?
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#MedicareForAll 6h
The Establishment & are desperate 2 push people away from Bernie. They see his influence. The are on his side. Over 18 million from over 500,000 in the first 46 days. Over 1 million volunteers, over 1 million donations, leading polls. They want to keep their corp. donors.
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💧Stavros™= Σταύρος© Apr 20
Replying to @PatsKarvelas
Weird how an INCREASE in diversity of voices & decency is perceived by u as an erosion. How can that be? Maybe it's bc u don't consider voices in Social Media as credible & ONLY those with bona fide Journo Quals ie employed by are credible? Well, sorry the world has changed.
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RoseAnn DeMoro 12h
When will young white boy toys get it that they are gadgets to play with for momentary ratings. The creates them, props them up and drops them cold. When there is no “there there” it is hard to keep momentum.
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Jane Pepper 20m
The meaning of for public servants, spelt out in impassioned detail for the who are smarting at being misunderstood. The importance of real for the public & the democratic process.
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Rafael Vila Apr 20
Replying to @ByronYork @WSJ
And good at selling them to willing buyers, who for all we know, planted the stories in the to begin with! What a deal.
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Rita Palma Apr 17
Come on does this look like a good idea?!
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💧 John Little Apr 16
One symantics slip up by Bill Shorten and Morriscum and are all over it. A slip up by Morriscum, and there have been many, and its simply glossed over by everyone, how is that fair or reasonable?
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