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Graham Paine 3h
SHOOTING: Male 22 y/o suffers serious but stable gunshot wound in Derry Rd. & Mavis Rd - McLaughlin Rd area of - transported to hospital by . onscene investigating - No suspect info.
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Graham Paine Dec 12
WOMEN INJURED IN FIRE: say female 20s transported to local hospital after being rescued by on Osprey Blvd (Derry/ 10th Ln) in , fire was upgraded to 2nd alarm - fire now out, road closure still in effect.
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Donald J. Trump Dec 10
I only pick the best Smash mains. The greatest Smash mains. My Smash mains are the only true American Smash mains 🇺🇸
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Dan Thompson 11h
Replying to @robreiner
Fantasize all you want, never gonna happen. And President Trump will still be your president until January 20th 2025!
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Rafa™ Dec 10
Replying to @GustaveLund
Together we will Make Sweden Great Again!
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Lyndynn Dec 10
Replying to @TheRickWilson
A smocking gun would make smocking so much easier! This could revolutionize the smocking world - Nay! -revolutionize the fashion world itself! Imagine the smocking resurgence - NAY!- the new Smocking Renaissance that would emerge! THIS.CHANGES.EVERYTHING!!
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Curt Olson 2h
Did the girl have the unabashed support of all the teachers and administrators? Was the boy smeared as a racist, sexist asshole? Did the school security guard try to set him up with fraudulent allegations after the election in an attempt to delegitimize him?
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Judd Eason Dec 14
Just realized Trump uses the same slogan as the cult leader villain from .....
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Nick Selman Dec 13
Replying to @BryonyDuPont
Not just 👌ANY👌 steak commercial
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Mark Dec 12
It’s the establishment!!! 😳 they have it in for us Nationalists! The Beeb have an agenda! 🙈🙈. This is the level the FM stoops to now! Your as bad as playing to your base. ? Gies peace and grow up.
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john judd Dec 8
Hey brilliant show. Pigs the highlight.
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Nequam 🦝 Dec 7
Replying to @anno1540
makes :)
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Jason Macrander Dec 12
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Graham Paine Dec 7
BOY MURDERED: PEEL police confirm they are onscene of a homicide - 13 yr old boy's body discovered on a pathway in area of Hartington Crt (Truscott/Southdown Rd area of ). PRP Homicide and Missing Persons units are on scene.
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Benjamin Dominguez Dec 11
Replying to @CBSMiami
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Mary Christmas and Happy Festivus! 💁🏻‍♀️🍻🐰 Dec 10
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404Vulture Dec 10
Replying to @CNN
Oh shit, Its an illegal alien invasion. Trump was right. We need sPaCe FoRcE NoW! Build the Sky-Wall!
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Andrew Steinwold Dec 9
Replying to @nlw
. thank you for making Sundays great again.
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Alicia Diane Dec 10
Can anyone tell me what a Smocking Gun is? Make Spelling Great Again!
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Donald Trump, PhD Dec 10
I am in the process of interviewing some really great people for the position of Lab Manager. Fake Science Blogs has been saying with certainty it was Dr Nick Ayres, a spectacular person who will always be with our agenda. I will be making a decision soon!
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