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💧 Androgynous Wallflower 13h
and Dutton won’t even do the bare fucking minimum and rescue these children Save The Children appeals for rescue of infants from Syria, leaving behind ISIS brides | The New Daily
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แมวแดง Oct 12
the 1.3% of emissions (for 0.3% of global population) figure so beloved of is a fig leaf by the way. australia exports 7% of world's carbon (3rd largest after russia & saudi). when scott says 'we're too small to make a difference' ... he's a lying cunt.
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🐟🌿🐧💧Rita Tunstall💧🌿🐧🐟 Oct 19
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Barry Anderson Oct 20
Replying to @Vic_Rollison
Hey it’s worked for the RepugnantCons, why not here?! If it’s good enough for the orange shitgibbon, it’s good enough for !
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Barry Anderson Oct 15
is learning from the orange shitgibbon.
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Peter Shaw Oct 19
what sort of total knob holds a beer bottle the way is doing so? 🤣
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Completely over it. 20h
Once again, tries to copy the Nope, not having it.
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💧JD Anthony Oct 15
If only this was and co!
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Cyclone Charlie Oct 19
Once again we see the ultimate poll indicator, which is twitter hashtag memory. As soon as you type '' guess who comes up at the top of the list? It's corrupt, lying dirtbag , the liar from the shire.
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💧Anne Carlin Oct 13
Replying to @MatthewBevan @JaneCaro
I have a very close association with pentecostal family members. They drink occasionally but always very measured. I am sure is playing a role to attract certain folks. I wonder who they could be?
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Completely over it. 19h
'...and protests were prohibited...' Yet, is there to represent me and you.
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💧 Smudge 🙉🙈🙊💧 Oct 15
Drought funding used for music festivals, cemetery upgrades and a virtual gym | Environment | The Guardian is a total
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💧 Fierce Dinosaur Oct 14
Well someone tried to get him in, because the White House refused to have him. And since the goes to BH's church, seems quite likely, doesn't it?
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💧JD Anthony Oct 19
Let alone his words, actions and effect or
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🎃Agent Arioch [Umbra] ✨ Oct 13
Replying to @lynlinking
She’s a communist lackey for through and through...
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Completely over it. Oct 18
Well, it could be: - - - People not seeing this pattern really need to open their eyes.
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💧Anne Carlin Oct 16
OMDog even can't help now. Buuutttt what about us Aust folks? Who's going to help us
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an matin Oct 15
Replying to @ItsBouquet
A very preyful man
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💧Lyn - Bring Them Here Oct 17
Replying to @SamClench @newscomauHQ
Narcissism is Morriscum's mental health issue plus a good dose of arrogance & pentecostal entitlement. Jayzus weeps at his total lack of empathy
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💧 🌊 Fillis-tine No Bots in here. Oct 14
Replying to @MeckeringBoy
's loosing the plot!
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