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DeAnna McHenry 17h
America has had it's legs knee deep in socialistic policies for decades: Social Security & Medicaid are but 2 of many. Please look up the history of the words you use before you spout lies. You clearly dont know wtf you're talking about. We are no where near socialism.
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ryancthomas Jul 18
Replying to @DineshDSouza
So when a street full of white supremacists shouted "Jews will not replace us" in Charlottesville with guns, facemasks and shields, we should have recognized it as harmless, spontaneous crowd sentiment and ignored it. Gotcha. Thanks for the ethics lesson, D-Money.
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Dave Easterby 11h
Replying to @gibgibgib1
No you weren’t. I’ve proved you were wrong. The dictionary does too.
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Kurt Kluck Jul 19
Replying to @RochesRWinners
Omg! Shut your mouth! Max’s reaction makes it obvious that it was not intentional. Dodgers are the furthest thing from dirty players. You probably think Neris wasn’t throwing at Freese the other night too, right?
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mjp67 Jul 19
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
why don't you pack up and move on out!
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Uncle Daddy Jul 19
Replying to @RobertFoster4MS
Man. Great job getting these wages up! Wow! Thanks amazing.
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Kevin L. Lang 💎 20h
Replying to @CBSNews
Trump is a REGULAR ..
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Amelia Sweeney 22h
Replying to @Hey_joeb
Who cares? Nobody wants to hear that
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Zuko 6h
Replying to @Orvieto2016 @IlhanMN
Love you like a toothache
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Rolando [Rod] Garza Jul 19
Replying to @RandPaul
Yo Senator Compost - your liddle libertarian ideas may have worked in the 1800s, but since then the government takes our money and spends it on citizen needs. Just FYI, .
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Puppet President Jul 19
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
That’s not necessarily a good thing!
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#fucksm [Div] [Xiaodery Au] Jul 15
Replying to @WY_DREAM_KTH
: identity crisis solved so I must go
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Ty Cobb 🐅 Jul 19
Yea, the club section for members only is really rough
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🎆  Nicholas 🌱🌳 Jul 16
You know...Al-Caida....Jimmy Caida's younger brother.
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Terri 21h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
You realize that we see the video, right? Where you stood there exactly the same way as you did when the morons yelled 'lock her up'. You WAITED, STOPPED TALKING, STOOD THERE, ALLOWED IT and WERE PLEASED WITH IT. We see it all right there.
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Laurie Woldman Jul 15
Fuck you, you . The whole point of THIS COUNTRY is if you’re unhappy you can say something, you can create change, you can attack stupid, Racist, bigots like YOU, because THIS IS AMERICA
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wh1sk3ynp13 🥧🥧 Jul 15
Replying to @JohnDePetroshow
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doc 🇨🇦🍸🐱I'm with you🌊 Jul 19
Replying to @RepMattGaetz
You're either drunk or just inept. Oh look!!! It's both, and more... with the same IQ as
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Doug Bentley 17h
Replying to @PTAlanSwann
You’ve got no idea!
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artemis #FBPE #NotMyPM 17h
Replying to @tax67 @GBLDN @bcwm79
Yeah, the two things are totally the same
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