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Jason🇺🇸 12h
That is a bias report
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Walters Lab 7h
I rounded up another nine cows on our long-term study site at today. I feel like I should change my name to 'Tex' or 'Kody'. I'm off to get me a big belt buckle. I'm also thinking that suggestion about getting a cattle dog wasn't too far off after all.
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Vermicious Knid Apr 18
Replying to @JohnWDean @DevinNunes
I can’t believe a cow would submit to a milking?
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K🌹 5h
MOOO COW 🐄 ! Hope you like this cow lewk 😊💞
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Paige Sokolis 7h
Thank you for my RAW steak! I can hear it still mooing #🐄
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GPS 8h
You are irrelevant...
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The Happy Cow Farms 18h
Replying to @CowFarms
Fresh, tested, and affordable this is recreation prices in Colorado which medical should be cheaper. Oklahoma this is what is coming!!! $2.82/gram
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Walters Lab Apr 17
I was supposed to be making a decision on a manuscript this afternoon but instead spent it rounding up cattle that broke into our long-term study site. Sometimes the best-laid plans of mice and men -- get disrupted by cows!
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zoe #HORIZON 6h
Replying to @blushren
we go 🤣🤣
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devin nunes’ cow’s mom 10h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Lolololololol Finally decided to leave the kiddie pool and go off the deep end?🐄
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Zamboniguy17 🇨🇦 Apr 18
Does not know the only reason he has half his followers is because of ?
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Trent Andrew Apr 18
May this piss off the thinly skinned
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Joe Caruso 3h
The piece of garbage that you showed and cleared with Trump and the White House before showing it to your fellow committee members.....I don’t need to bother.
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Susan Cow-lins. Like Susan Collins, but a cow. Apr 17
I’ve been concerned for years! So. Very. Concerned.
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Steve 5h
Replying to @DevinCow @DevinNunes
favorite wine...probably
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@really? 19h
This cow needs to leave the barn!
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Cucurbita Rex 11h
You’re despicable. And
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Lolo Apr 17
Replying to @GOP @DevinNunes
And the Cow jumped over the loon.
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I Spurs you 11h
He is saying Bob Mueller is not capable if being nonpartisan. Devin Nunes is the scum of the Earth. Hope karma finds him one day. His cellmate could be .
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It's Six! 11h
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