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Robert Gann Feb 24
Replying to @watspn1013
What do we get paid with, ? Maybe a rail ride to a camp and gas chamber. Demonrats are official NAZI’s as far as I’m concerned!!
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Bronwyn Williams Apr 27
Are they really trying to protect society? Or is this a competitive moat in disguise? (I suspect the truth is somewhere in between)
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Kamikazikelly Feb 17
REALLY want help out some streamers and followers! Make sure you follow,like,retweet, and link your twitch so I can spread the love!
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Ryan Hughes Oct 23
Decorating my new office.
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Delight Mondlane. 17 Jan 19
Dear , may I kindly ask you to release the list of all the Journalists who were on the payroll, please? We deserve to know whose palms were greased with from the Bosasa vaults. Please, Advovo. Maybe you can ask for leads. 🧐
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SGBarbour ⛏ Mar 30
The collapse of fiat will cause with the collapse of many major institutions / corporations who've benefitted from privileged fiat financing. We can expect to see a resurgence of mom and pop shops, among many other healthy changes to society.
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Christopher Brereton Jun 5
On 1 June the 11th biggest company in Australia was Transurban Group... Bigger than: Rio Tinto, Woodside Petroleum, Suncorp Group and the ASX itself... It owns almost every tollroad in Australia and was cleared last year to buy the NSW Westconnex...
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Seamus Duke Sep 7
RTE Director General Dee Forbes says the financial situation in the organisation is dire now. Marion Finnucane was paid 300k in 2016 for 3 and a half hours radio per week. Ray Darcy 450k as well. Nicky Byrne 200k .There's a million in savings straight away.
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J May 2
"Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., on Wednesday rolled out a plan to give voters up to $600 worth of vouchers to donate to federal candidates for office."
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Sean Apr 29
Just drew a cool 3 Million out of the bank! Sounds big time? Problem is I’m in Lombok Indonesia so it’s only worth about £150 quid 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣
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#Spaceman Oct 3
Replying to @NAJ562
An idea.. as she is fake and supports tory ideology. Make them work harder for nothing. Lets play along.. get an envelope, get the lib dems office address and post them 100 pound cash. If you dont wanna send 100, send a 20 or 10 or 1 even? Just make sure it is:
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Kenna 17 Jan 19
Replying to @HonourableHloni
That "Bread" is probably termed something else in Bosasa dictionary.
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Chip Tha Rip Oct 13
Hey , do I charge Jason Garret or Jerry Jones for this debacle?
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Rebecca Coles Apr 11
Got to love Switzerland. Paid for half a dozen eggs with a 200chf note and no one batted an eyelid
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Chad Apr 23
Replying to @PaulBachmann7
And who will pay for all this "free stuff" ridiculous ..seriously .. maybe buy everyone a house ..and a car.. why not ..
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Barbara Soderlin Jan 25
High rollers* at my holiday party *No donor money used on the craps table
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rick nagasawa Oct 29
Compensate residents with what? ? PG&E is bankrupt.
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Fraser Munro Aug 23
Watching the Villa v Everton game and it’s frightening how much money English clubs spend on bang average players... 🤷🏻‍♂️
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SGBarbour ⛏ Mar 27
I believe the next bull run will last longer than ever before and Bitcoin will start to hit the resonance frequency of fiat .
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Thato 19 Jan 19
Replying to @RediTlhabi
Going to be very awkward for these ones to write articles about how the & brigade will be cleaning corruption. poured cold water over the whole thing. the only legitimate benefactor / business person in the saga 😀
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