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Azriel. [15%] Apr 18
Replying to @Twitter
ㅤ Due to 's new policy, I would like to declare that I'm not the real Na Jae Min. This account is not affiliated into him, NCT and also SM Ent. I make this account just for roleplaying. Thank you. ㅤ—
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hobi’s zygote 17h
I did a cover of moonchild by RM, hope you like it. I apologise in advance if I got the Korean pronunciation wrong 💜🙏🏽 (Sorry for the buzzing in the buzzing in the background😬)
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Meg💫 11h
moonchild, you shine. when moon rises, it’s your time.
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Kristen M. 16h
Today's gloomy weather is perfect for listen to this music & this song especially gets put on repeat. Guys, if you haven't heard this album called Mono by RM I highly reccomend you check it out 😉☁️👍
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사진4⃣진🍊 5h
Falling in love with all over again. Thank you, RM I always come back to it and feel comforted again
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Noona for Namjoon [HÐ PICS] Apr 19
190419 MBC 퇴근길 (sorry the photos were kinda blurry but he looks so good that I really wanna post them lol) ⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ © RMonipedia
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Moonchild You shine 🌙🌚
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Azriel. [15%] Apr 19
Replying to @terbunuhlaprak
○ Prefer INA, but ENG is also an ok! ○ “...” for IC ○ ∆ ... for OOC ○ '...' for Inner thought ○ *...* for action ○ for muntalk
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ₙyₐₘⱼₒₒₙ🐨ᴮᵃⁿᵍʷᵒᵒˡ 6h
I will never stop talking how good Namjoon's is. It's a masterpiece! It has a calming effect to my soul everytime I listen to it. Also, PERSONA slaps!
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🤟🏻 Hannah | Namjoon 💜 18h
Its raining rn and its 11:11 PM. Im bubdles up in bed and listening to mono. - tonight is perfect. 💜☔ Thanks for this masterpiece, Joon. 🤗
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Ines 22h
almost 6 months passed since was released, yet, i still can't spend a day without listening to this masterpiece😍💜
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You’re the 🌟 that turns ⭐️ to ✨ 14h
If you don’t cry while listening to forever rain are you even human? 😭
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peggy su~ 😃💜🐨 4h
My beautiful leader of inspiration and courage ~❤❤❤ BTS’s RM Confesses There Are Times When They Get Frightened And Want To “Run Away” From The Stage via
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amirul arif Apr 13
An album that cures your soul.
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Haley Kummer Apr 18
Replying to @TheShortGirlAsh
yeah dude got that good good esketit
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Jamais Vu 🌹🏟 Apr 13
Finally getting around to projects I wanted to do for the Rose Bowl!! A Jacket to celebrate Mono first!! 😍😍😍😍. Only 3 weeks left until my concert virginity is gone.
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Jazzy with luv (Namjoon’s Wife)💜 18h
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SeaOfSand Apr 12
Replying to @chartdata
Moonchildren know how to rise
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Erogenous Zones Apr 13
Lare to Claire for game, EZs take the W 8-4. Someone stop lare from smooching everyone
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` 14h
Since everyone loves Namjoon tattoos look at this beautiful artwork of Mono on . Mono will forever rein superior. 🗿
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