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GT Verghese 🇮🇳 32m
Despite sweeping judgement exonerating on , is 's and rallying cry which will resound through out the nation until 2019 because the issue needs a resolution only through
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pratik 9h
one thing I have noticed in ur tweets in last 3yrs.u always have mentioned ..should not u say it our central govt ? Why so emphasis on Modi govt ? U never said Manmohan govt feels like only modi ji is responsible whatever happens to country
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Akshay Sharma 22h
There has been too much focus on changing historical symbols not aligned with ideology and so ! The real issues those were taken up by lost ground completely ! After 5 years of UT of AnN in picture! is just false hope !
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abin halder 10h
Replying to @republic
We are in a deep need to get those French birds to counter those flying dragons and the clean footed firm step by the as well time value shown by SC will likely get those birds into air.
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#AjayBharatAtalBJP Dec 11
came at the right time. Plz review the strategy. is a must, so is the publicity of developments of enlighten the people off SM. Ujala, Mudra, PMJBY, Atal Amrit, LPG Subsidy, everything needs to b publicized.
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vinish kumar singh Dec 12
Replying to @mvmeet @MahimaShastri
No it's not..That's why popularity of is still very high. State elections were fought by two govts ruling since past 15 years and hv to be seen in solidarity. BJP vote share was still good in Rajasthan & MP People are going to vote for in 2019 too.. 🙏🙏
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Sagar Patel 18h
Replying to @News18India
Such a fake Congress peoples. India is going in opposite direction. I request to the people of please try to understand what is wrong and what is right looking for your childrens future as the way you are looking for.
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ARMAN (NZR) ☮️ Dec 10
Replying to @ReutersIndia
RBI governor Urjit Patel resigned. Another institution destroy by
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Babubhai Vaghela Dec 9
How Long & Why should Sit on Request of to Bring Back Rs 1000 Notes Dear Mr ? CC $
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Hrushikesh Mishra 8h
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FathimaNajah Dec 7
price went down under the . Literally expecting the apocalypse.
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Dr Ajay Shesh Dec 12
You have a great mandate now Congress...!!! We citizens now dont want to see squabbles and infightings for posts of Chief Ministers, Ministries and Departments. Please. Give us good governance. Period.
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Dharav Dec 10
If someone resigns from his post due to personal reasons..then how is responsible for it ?😂😂
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Naresh Minocha Dec 12
Sonali Ji, sorry to differ What is of great concern here is 's obsession for & zero Even reports that can enrich national discourse hv been kept under the carpet: reports of expenditure management commission, poverty expert panel, agri dev etc
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zayn khan gujjar Dec 11
Development doesn't mean prompting Hinduism, changing names of Muslim states into Hindu names, development doesn't mean protection of cows, development doesn't mean creating conflicts on Temples and Taj_Mahal and not giving Muslims permission for prayers. . .
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Narendra K Varma 7h
No use crying over split milk what was doing when money was being pumped into Chhattisgarh. Is website of FCRA newly introduced?
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Pratyush Tripathi Dec 8
Mudra has 12 cr beneficiaries, 28% are firs-timers, 9 cr are women, while 55 % belong to SC/ST/OBC grp ; but all this is no match for Cong Damaadji Rojagar Yojana- it gives us mantra of how to become rich fast with zero money & efforts
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madam few days back you were going gaga over the crook . Now that achieved it , you are finding ways to criticising the rather applauding the same.
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Amrita Bhinder 15h
On , take a look at how is working towards promoting the use of clean energy and emphasising upon sustainable development through .
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RajeshC "Save Bharat" Dec 11
Way performed from Center (with few major deficits to BJP's 2014 Manifesto); States with BJP Govts under-performed. BJP States were banking on only Modi. Majority of BJPians engaged in meeting self goals. SM caters mainly urban area. For rural, door to door is needed.
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