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Omair Hameed Feb 15
How do you do that? 350 kg explosives soonafter breaking news. It's like the samjhoota express incident. Blame Pakistan and then when the inquiry concludes, inside job is the outcome. all involved as they were losing ground. Modi speciality!!
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netaji online Feb 14
Replying to @ndtv
Mr manmohan singh nothing did happen in ur time and even now cuz the the victims are army people and citizens u high grade politicians are within u r security always. So just shut off u r mouth plz
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Replying to @AbhiG17 @INCIndia
Yes its true that Congress can't do such a big scale scam even though ruled for more than 50 +. Big salute to that achieved this only with in 5 years of stinking rule
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Rohan Jaiswal Feb 15
So real and heart-touching . Respected PM plsss take a bigger step ,if you fail to do this all the Indian person will not support you ,then you think the right step .
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Narendra K Varma Feb 18
Replying to @narendravarma49
These Nuts are questioning intent as to why revenge has not been so far as if attacking an enemy state to take revenge of dastardly terrorists is child play.These rogues egging and abetting GoI to go on battlefield without doing needful preparation so that our army may
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Alisha Fernandes Feb 20
Replying to @missalishaferns
When we are sacking people for not talking directly against Pakistan but hugging Monarchs that are actually helping Pakistan, we are showing the whole world what a bunch of hypocrites we are!
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B!0#@Z4RD Feb 14
Indian Army recieved freedom to execute any move they feel good to reduce the thirst of blood for the country, now that's what happens when your country has a responsible prime minister *ab maut ka nanga naach hoga 🔥💐
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Sumit Kumar Singh Feb 14
Condemn for strike happend on our personals, and pray for those who got injured for speedy recovery. Grievances for there family. don't do small surgical strikes. Do strike hard to end the belt terror funding camps. Stong will power will make great.
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Jago Bharat 46m
urges PM to scrap Article 370 that grants special status to Jammu & Kashmir. DO YOU AGREE ? VOTE & then RT
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ना भूलेंगे, ना माफ करेंगे: #पुलवामा_शहीद 19h
: withdraw security of 18 and 155 other leaders in
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Mohan Neelkantan Feb 15
It's high time uses our tax payers money to eliminate terrorists and not for infrastructure In this country....
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Raj Aman Feb 17
Why such widower people stand with terrorist eliminate them. Start using baletgun plz... No more interrupt
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Rakesh Feb 19
A baba who ran away disguising himself in women’s attire during the fag end of UPA regime is now the star! He’s steadily built a conglomerate that’ll stand for ages! Talk about crony capitalism! KUDOS
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Richa sharma Feb 17
Kashmir is in war like sutition since 1989We are hearing onlyabout Encounter,SearchOperationsCAS Article 370Articles Killings of CivilianKillings of ForcesPellets, BulletsHARTALGovernor Rule THE ONE THING THAT WE HAVE NOT SEENTHE MEANINGFUL PEACE PROCESS
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TheSagitarian Feb 16
Its time for to prove that it is no paper tiger by teaching Pakistan a lesson it should never ever forget. In 1971 Indira Gandhi broke up Pakistan and got Independence for Bangladesh and Pakistan could never get over this trauma even today....
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Charandeep Singh Feb 20
Saudi Arabia is like a big daddy to Pakistan... How can we expect that they will go against Pakistan and join hands with India against them... It's all about political diplomacy and showing a different side to the world.
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bharatpurta Feb 12
If is won't able to give justice , and not going to benefit peoples those who have contributed a lot to society : - saved train accident At one place some peoples have saved rail derailment and they are still job less and on another side
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Packiya Krish Feb 15
Waiting for good news
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I_sp4culate Feb 19
"India is struggling to sell its bonds at recent auctions, and that’s even before Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarks upon a record borrowing program"
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Replying to @1shankarsharma
With congress govt after terror attack there's no conviction of fight back with We are upbeat that a fitting reply will be given! Difference between all previous govt and govt
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