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Mr. H 3h
Replying to @tariqnasheed
One of the things politicians do is say whats convenient which is exactly what Kamala Harris is doing. with the bs
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JT 4h
Replying to @Athletics
Light theme?
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A MatchUp Nightmare Apr 16
Y’all say bron washed and he averaged 28-8-8.
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Michael Ambrosino Apr 16
Replying to @NicholasLightTV
Better do a reaction to
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𝕔𝕠𝕨𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕤𝕠𝕟 Apr 15
Replying to @babysam00
“i’m catching flights not feelings 2k19 🌸😎✌🏽🌼
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Erik Kociański Apr 14
, long time for no calls, sis, how's life? ?!
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Socalsurfgirl 20h
Thank you, next. Being a great ex girlfriend is better than being a good girlfriend, sometimes.
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Tana's Treasures Apr 16
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Wynter Kai Apr 12
You have the hashtag in your profile. Do you even see how hypocritical you are? Difference is here there was proof of her crimes. with the crap.
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Jasmina Apr 16
Twitter? Surprise at the end. LOL 👅👅
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Speckled Boutique 22h
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Jack Trippper Apr 15
I ain’t going hold u ... anything Wiz put out pre Kush & OJ .. gets the Queen Latifah in Set it off treatment in my whip ...... out da window ..... ...
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md 15h
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PadeInFull🤑🤞🏾 Apr 15
Replying to @MakkDaddyMike
Bruh smh it’s only gone make u look crazier tryna find out who the MF is smh Lmfao
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Alicia L. Perry Apr 10
I hate it when males have a choice to stay and raise a child but females automatically have none 😒😔😤 — feeling grateful
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Oscar Keen Apr 15
We are facing a crazy storm. Few of the crew drowned 😭🌹 I do not think we are gonna make it. The captain is screaming and crying . I do not want to die 😭
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Coach Cayme 21h
Over the next few days, RECHARGING is EXACTLY what we’ll be doing! 🧡🧡 . .
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Sandra Cline Apr 16
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toi massey Apr 16
Replying to @TalbertSwan
DROP THE MIC, BISHOP! In fact, if the 44th POTUS showed up with the REAL & DOCUMENTED record that the 45th POTUS touted, well, let’s just say the same folks that are praising the 45th would have blocked the 44th, citing their “Christian Conservative Family First” values.
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david howard Apr 16
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