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Riya Sawhney 16h
Last shift on gen surg and got introduced to the patient by the Registrar as “Riya, one of the surgeons” 😎
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ashley Nov 24
guys my sisters almost bf called me his bestie 😁😁😁😁😁😁
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Queen M ♈️ Nov 26
Made it my mission to just be tipsy and chillin all day
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Dr Tanya Rihtman 🇪🇺 Nov 25
had the aim of inspiring, motivating and challenging us in her Well...
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Rachele DiBartolo Nov 27
Aside from a few little things and waiting for some deliveries, I’m done the bulk of my Christmas shopping! My goal was to be done by November 30 so that I can spend December wrapping and watching Christmas movies with no stress.
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🌈Alice in Blunderland💙 Nov 27
First week in ED finished. Well worth waiting for 💙💙💙
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David 🇨🇦🇺🇸 Nov 25
The attention to details is spectacular. That brings back many memories as well as the longing for new memories. Also, I should have known better, but I genuinely thought the head was a towel placed on a body made of cake.
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Bunsen and Beaker Nov 24
Replying to @KellyKJ8
I can’t, but the human isn’t as sad now.
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John Nichols Nov 25
Replying to @stuwhitney
Sorry to see this, but excited to see what’s next for you Stu. I am certain you will find new and exciting ways to stay in the fray. Thank you for all the years of good work. You made us think.
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Elliott Realty Group 20h
Congratulations to Brett, Mariah, and Milo on getting your mission: accomplished! 🐶✅ It's always a pleasure working with clients who turn into friends. We are excited to see Mariah's decorative touch she adds on their beautiful new home!
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Steve Scott Nov 30
Congrats to the homie I see you sir!! @Creed4G4
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KG5GJT Nov 25
Thanks for the Thanksgiving QSO on the 0526z SO-50 pass . Your roving and the new grid is appreciated. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and find yourself a Turkey dinner somewhere.
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lorraine stigar (they/them/she/her) Nov 25
Replying to @LesleeBeAlive
See you in 8ish hours I guess 🙃
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Northlands Rescue Mission Nov 23
Michael came to us seeking a new start. Less than two months later, he was in his own apartment. Read Michael's story on our website or watch his interview by clicking below!
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Kimberly Martinez Quiroz 🦋 Nov 23
Dragged my boyfriend out to get a pedicure for the first time in his life ... 😂
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Jennifer Griffin Nov 30
Replying to @JenGriffinFNC
"These changes recognize the success of the military fight to destroy the so-called physical caliphate of ISIS & reflect DoD's commitment to institutionalize efforts to counter ISIS & integrate efforts w/allies & partners w/i our...regional policy offices."
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Joe Brent Nov 26
“Rule of thumb, if it smells good and looks good, it’ll taste good too.”
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Brandon Poteat, CIC Nov 23
👀 Oh it’s like that??? 😂 I see you handling business. Congratulations
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Que Nov 26
Im drunk and full
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Tamara Sacharczyk Nov 26
First time cooking dinner was a huge success! 👌
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