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IndianYug Feb 18
Mohammed Ajmal Amir was planned to die as Bengaluru resident Samir Dinesh Chaudhari with a ‘red thread tied around his wrist’, the group () wanted to project the attack as a case of “Hindu terrorism” via
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Kashmir Patriot 3h
Killed identified as Jehangir Wani, Raja Umar Maqbool & Sadat Thokar. & ammunition recovered. Involved in several terror & civilian atrocities. Case registered.
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rneelmani Feb 16
Members of the group have posed as young teenage to lure into installing -infected on their phones, Force (IDF) said today.
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ujjwal jha Feb 15
They were not reading there.see their books are closed and waiting for police. After police came they open their book and covered their faces. So, they .
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Current Breaking News Online Feb 17
PM Imran Khan says 🇵🇰 is no longer a safe haven 👇
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LaAldoPastur Feb 12
Replying to @jameelajamil
We are organizing a silent walk in your honour
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SwePost Feb 17
🇺🇸 CIA names , Dal as ‘ organisations’ VHP and Bajrang Dal under "political pressure groups", defined as organisations that are involved in politics or that exert political pressure
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the official music video for Pinder Randhawa's brand new single featuring Chani Nattan! WATCH NOW!!
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Poco Feb 13
Replying to @st4potter
These fucking dick heads mate, all of them just bothered about an hours overtime. I’ve been here 18 years and I’d still vote to cut hours not jobs every single time.
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Sagal Feb 9
I am not picture perfect I throw your standards away I was meek,but you still beat me I was quiet but you still raped me I was silent but you still maimed me I was obedient but you still killed me Today I take on arms,I refuse to be a sitting duck.
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Lost my dawg shit would nvr br the same🕊
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under attack since deal with behind shooting
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Geopolitics & Empire Feb 11
Flees Prison, Claiming Deal With Security Forces
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For Fun and Prophet Feb 15
Replying to @BestOfBotWorlds
Many militants were mad macaws in their past lives. And some will be reborn as wild boars in the next. =
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Aaquib Ahad  عاکب احد Feb 13
Sucurity forces unearthed a and have some and in area of South Kashmir's district on Friday, However no one was
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Dr. Bia Feb 18
Al-Qaeda alleges retired Pakistani general had links, died in 2018
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India Blooms Feb 13
Kashmir: Militant hideout busted in Shopian , ,
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DhakaTribune Feb 13
of 'Allahr Dal' placed on 3-day remand
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MetaphorIsMyBusiness Feb 9
Ruthless saints are more like militants, for theirs is the teaching of terrorism. = =
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The Bonobo Way Feb 14
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