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Quanta3 5h
One of our proven sensors is up and running providing real time data (1 Hz) for Project Astra's West Texas Methane Showdown led by .
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Wärtsilä Corporation Sep 21
Our colleague Matti Rautkivi from shows how fuel is made from thin air- thanks to from & . Today, a pot of water. In the not-too-distant future- cities! That's Power-to-X in action!
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MEnvSust 4h
Let's get acquainted with (CH4), the second biggest contributor to human-caused after carbon dioxide (CO2). presents the most comprehensive assessment of the global methane budget. Read the paper in
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Paul Smith Sep 23
It was an absolute pleasure to contribute to the webinar today. It was a great experience. Many thanks to everyone in for their ongoing support in the .
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Caribbean disaster Sep 23
Yikes: Millions of Abandoned Gas Wells Are Leaking Bloomberg Green reports that millions of methane wells around the world continue to seep methane gas for decades after the end of their working lives.
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Jonathan Amos Sep 20
An impressive debut from the Iris spacecraft which can sense plumes of at a resolution of 25m, sufficient to identify individual sources. A new UK analytics hub in Edinburgh/London is being set up
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Christopher Cartwright Sep 23
Extraordinary events about to unfold... And some are noticing I have been talking for weeks of SSTs in the ESAS, still warming today. and +5C over average About , over water Check this
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Carbon Connect International Sep 22
Thanks for the shout out, we are thrilled to be a member of MELA!
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David Burns 6h
Los Angeles hid a leak for a year. Activists want the power plant shut down
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Heather Webb | Promar International Sep 22
The cycle of well explained 👇 It's a flow stock of , continually recycled through the biosphere with livestock.
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Science & Space Sep 17
Large white bubbles are created in lakes and ponds when water-dwelling bacteria feed on decaying organic matter and expel methane gas. When the water freezes, the bubbles are suspended in the ice.
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Llama 9h
oh good, they are to Drill to Capture all that Planet-Killing under Arctic, before its released in atmosphere increasing Temperatures to point of Killing off All Life upon Planet within few decades... good job. Think of the aliens reading our Posts, later
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Manfredi Caltagirone Sep 23
A fantastic conversation with Iraq’s Ministry of Oil and on emissions reduction in the sector to increase ambition Thanks to , , , for sharing their knowledge and to for its leadership
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Joan Ruskamp Sep 23
Methane is a flow gas-it breaks down in the atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide is a stock gas-it builds up in the atmosphere. Want to learn more from ?
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Anton Kuech Sep 21
Modular Observation Solutions for Earth Systems - a sneak peek of the fieldwork (full version available at )
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#stayinformedcc Sep 23
Replying to @richard35609781
Climate reanalyzer site may need a new color for SST anomalies over 6C.
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Christopher Cartwright Sep 22
More update on in the 21.09.2020 Methane emissions are back...traces over the ESAS again And plenty visible circling at 5000m (500 hPa)
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Change your diet to combat climate change in 2019 , say hi to ,
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Mike Jetten Sep 23
Lake Grevelingen sediment samples are being processed anaerobically for cycle supported research in synergy with et al by @annajwallenius
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The world is grossly unprepared for future pandemics and a new outbreak could kill 50 million people , use better insulators in windows,
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