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Sjmon Jon Prjce Sep 18
So does anyone think that will remain injury free till Christmas?
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sergio legend Sep 18
Replying to @benmendy23
Defensive what? 💙
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Steven Middleton 17h
this game proved why the needs VAR. absolutely shocking decision at the end from the ref influenced by Rennes players and fans threatening to run on the pitch 😂 I'd hang my head in shame if I was
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⚽️ Football News Sep 18
Benjamin 's Manchester City return a big boost, says Oleksandr Zinchenko - Sky Sports 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Pls RT
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Hash Football Sep 14
What if starts today instead of ? because pep got an easy team to test his bench strength..
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mack akran Sep 16
Price- #245,000 for gate with 400kg weight Price- #265,000 for gate with 800KG WHATSAPP:2348062159287 CALL: 2348094722243 EMAIL: SLIDING GATE OPENER
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Just Gabriel Sep 12
Can you name a player that is more fun to own?
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City boss Guardiola expects Laporte to be out for 6 months - Sané to return this year?
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Sagar Singha Sep 14
we need back ASAP! and fucking What the hell , how long bro?
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El Gorrión Sep 18
Y muy malo. El bueno es . Manda cojones...
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Clarkie 17h
Rennes goalie should be ashamed of himself
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Always Cheating Fantasy Premier League (#FPL) Sep 13
Excellent news - at least in the short term - for Zinchenko owners.
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Genos Sep 18
Ostia con hahaha
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Marc Peulier 2h
Je repense au match de Ferland contre le et je me demandais, ils sont ou les fanboys qui trouvait qu'il était pas surpayé et surcoté ? Bernat le surpasse, et nous a couté 10x moins.
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Real France Sep 16
💬 : "Mettre Marcelo sur le banc ? Je ne dirais pas ça comme ça, mais au final c'est ça, c'est la concurrence" 🎙 L'interview du Français pour Canal+
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Mr Victor Sure Games Sep 16
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Javier Rivera Sep 18
En este primer tiempo lo único que me ha gustado del Real Madrid es la condición y resistencia de .
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Byron Cárcamo Sep 18
Si en verdad creemos que ese tronco leñador de es el sustituto ideal de estamos desquiciadamente fritos... Más malo que la tuberculosis 🙄
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Sénégal Football Tem221 15h
| Stade Rennais 1-1 Celtic Mbaye et Édouard ont joué tout le match ! ⚫️Le but rennais est inscrit par Mbaye Niang à la 38ème sur penalty. ⚫️Edouard Mendy a joué son premier match en europa league !
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