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Old messages between me and god lmao 😂 errors that what happens when you talk to someone new, get all shy and shit. ❤️
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I didn't walk away you let me go .
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Luke C Bowden Nov 11
Replying to @PfizerCA
Sadly the most political thing I ever did in my life was voluntarily taper off of prescribed (a ) . This caused (as all cause ) and thousands of and .
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It's bad or we're weak.
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Alzheimer's NJ 54m
Join us Wednesday at Spotswood as we explore the difference between normal age-related changes and abnormal changes associated with and other forms of , including warning signs. FREE to attend but pls RSVP: 🗓️📌
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Pam Winger Nov 9
“You don’t remember what happened. What you remember becomes what happened.” - John Green
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My Own Memory Lane Nov 10
Even though was built to aid the -impaired, anyone is welcome to use it. love having a website!
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The Psychologist Nov 9
The alchemists turning rain into gold: we meet sisters Hilde and Ylva Østby, "a novelist and a neuroscientist uncovering the secrets of human memory". Plus an exclusive chapter thanks to
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If he loves, he loves.
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Being alone is not as bad as I thought.
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Netalee Watkins 4h
missing someone. need refreshment
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Mr. Alright 7h
Sometimes, you miss the memories not the person.|
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My relationship with you will never be long but the few u get from me will be the best ever in ur life
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Dave Nov 3
It's been so long since I opened my wallet, look what I found.
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kapilsamania 13h
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Catharine Paddock Nov 8
How a key protein boosts memory, learning in the adult brain
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Geoff Nelder 10h
The only story featuring infectious amnesia. ARIA A virus, no immunity, lose backwards a year's worth per week. yet with black humour ARIA
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The Hindu Comment 8h
Single File| Native Indian bees, when exposed to multiple suffer from and olfactory impairment, lower response rates, and oxidative stress which damages cells.
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Rotman Research 5h
Could drawing be used to enhance ? Join us for today's rounds on The Surprisingly Powerful Impact of Drawing on Memory by 's Dr. Myra Fernandes at 2:30 pm at 's ABC Classroom
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