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Richard Laursen Aug 10
The carnivore diet appears to have the potential to prevent autoimmune disease and improve the symptoms of those suffering from a range of ailments. I find this rather interesting and certainly a reason to go meat-based!
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Michelle Michelson Aug 11
Had to turn off when Jonathan Safran Foer started guilting him into not eating meat. V cringe. vegan/veg diet is not going to solve climate change. sad to see Ben taking the bait.
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Stephanie 14h
Fight climate change by eating meat, Ottawa farmers say
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Danni Aug 11
In reality beef is good for both human and planet health. The myths are coming to an end.
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Ms Carnivore 🏁🥩 Aug 12
Put myself into a proper food coma after 400 grams of Iberian pork. So good.
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MeatHeals Aug 16
Whoa, I thought maybe had cancer or something. Looks a bit sickly today. Turns out he switched to a vegan diet.
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Roseanne Aug 11
The evidence is stacking up. Meat is not the cause it is the cure. Don't be afraid to be an exvegan. Others opinion doesn't matter, your health does.
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Tim Hadsell Aug 14
Replying to @katdodd30
I am not a bad case but I know when I get off plan just a little I feel all the bad pains I used to have start returning. Go back to meat and fat and it goes away. Also had extreme plantar fasciitis. Went carnivore and all gone now after 10 yrs of pain.
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Inesha 6h
A couple of short ribs for me... ❤️
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Cobus Kriel Aug 11
If I hand out 100 resource cards to people I feel could benifit and only 1 person take action and benefit from adopting this WOE, it was still worth my effort. If I refuse to help the one that could be helped I will have regret.
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Fatness Fitness Aug 13
my first 500 more to come
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Brett L. © 22h
Too many Drs & Registered Dieticians are nothing more that Big Food/Big Pharma revenue stream protectors & salesforce🤬 You poison us with misinformation but we know now 🥓🍗🍖🥩✌🏻
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Brett L. © Aug 13
Replying to @Rachelhodder
I see what they go thru when their yummy dead flesh gets cooked at my house 🥓🍗🍖🥩✌🏻
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Niels van der Linden 11h
"It's a nice idea, that growing food, any food, can be free of harm to animals. It fits with our storybook vision of farms, the one we carry in our heads from childhood."
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Brett L. © 24h
397 straight days without consuming any dietary fiber & I experience: Zero constipation Limitless daily energy Flawless digestion Pain-free elimination Zero joint pain 20 yr old's libido at age 58 Happiness & Joy 🥓🍖🍗🥩✌️
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Mike Welty Aug 12
Replying to @HarvardHealth
You guys are Harvard, you should know how to spell steak.
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Cristian Rocca 🌐 Aug 10
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Abolitionist 🌱 Aug 10
Replying to @CarnivoreKeto
Good luck with when you need to cure your heart disease
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©️lover 12h
No such thing as plant milk?
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Tammy Lancaster Aug 15
Thanks to recommendation from for my hubby & 30-day Carnivore challenge with August 1, 2018, we began strict Carnivore!!! We both have seen tremendous health improvements even to the point of stopping seizure meds from my AVM brain bleed!
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