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WTB Research Apr 23
elects first out lesbian , ex Castor said that her win sends a resounding message to our community no, it sends a resounding message to the nation, that Tampa celebrates its diversity and lifts everyone up...
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jackthedog Apr 23
That’s why Pete is my guy !
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Thulani wa Azania Apr 22
Please also prioritize Meadowlands and Dobsonville , lezintwana ziphelile yinyaope.
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Doug Egan 14h
Replying to @jeremycec
Yes, disappointing voter turn out... But it's now time to rally behind the next of !
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Lana J. Gaeke Apr 23
It would if wasnt in it!
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Replying to @EJinAction
Um...Where is their "Home Town" boy....Magic Johnson he should run for getting clean up!!!
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Kevin 5h
Replying to @Sal_DiCiccio
The seems to root deeper with every and .
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Township of Lyons Apr 23
In today’s spotlight...! Justice has a population of 12,926 and includes precincts 13, 29, 35, 51, 58, 70, 71, 74, and 77. The village’s is Kris Wasowicz. Hope everyone is having a great week so far!
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beth rosner Apr 22
Our is the worst Mayor has ever had, for real!! is a liar know, just ask us! has been destoryed during his two terms!! Never a worse in
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kels Apr 23
Replying to @dmcmasterr @Chicks
I would never forget.
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WharramPJ Apr 20
Replying to @glaad @RichardGrenell
Whyyyyy would he do that? Pete’s experience is his own! Not !! 😩😩😩
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KVOA News 4 Tucson Apr 19
's run as is coming to an end. What are your thoughts on the candidates now in the race?
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Mike Smith Apr 16
Why do we need a second in North Tyneside?? maybe you could answer... Services cut, council tax up and 'we' are paying for a 2nd mayor? Not to mention the cost of the election and campaigning??
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Meet ’s new : the man who wants to create a model socialist city
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Sam Daniel 16m
Hate to see him go but happy to see her step in
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News Talk Florida 7h
Congratulations to for her election victory. Wishing her and the City of Tampa all the best! Thanks to for the hard work.
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Bill VanWagner🤖 Apr 23
Congratulations on becoming the new of .
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Subhasis Misra 24h
Absolutely- a great leader who has inspired a generation in Tampa to do the right thing. So fortunate to have had the opportunity on multiple occasions to interact with him. Big shoes to fill for your successor as of Tampa
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Warren Bradley 19h
What a load of twaddle, the members will never admit to have been whipped, but rest assured they will be told what is & what isn’t acceptable by the ! How naive to think it doesn’t happen. How many members of planning have voted against the on crucial votes
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James Ostime 14h
Local Twitter is the worst twitter. I don't give a fuck your bike lane has a detour by the muffin store (cc: ! !!!)
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