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Merit LILIN UK Jul 8
Our recently developed AI engine works with our Temperature Measuring camera to create a solution that only allows entry to those who are both correctly wearing a face mask and have a 'normal' temperature. Call 01908 443660 or email for more info.
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Security Sales Jul 9
When a person without a mask is detected by ’s autonomous robotic security device, the system can generate audible and visible alerts to remind people to mask up.
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Security Sales Jul 7
The new analytic was developed using a deep learning neural network and trained on many thousands of images of people wearing face masks.
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Security Sales Jul 6
Designed to help businesses reopen, the occupancy monitoring and mask detection analytics run completely in-camera and are license-free.
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SAFR Jul 6
Join the SAFR Certified Reseller Program to boost your revenue and give your customers access to NIST-leading , , and other person-centric video analytics.
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Intel India Jul 7
Is your organization prepared to ensure employee safety? With the new Intel-powered Thermal Detection Kiosk from Bits & Bytes Integrators, you can be. Enable contactless , & at the workplace, easily & securely.
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Fidentity Jul 7
It's Time To Get .! , , And Delivery Management System, Leverages , , Sensors with Artificial Intelligence to Keep & . Schedule A FREE Demo.
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Touchless biometrics with facial recognition, like the ProFaceX series, in the manufacturing and corporate industries, help provide…
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Prodis Pty Ltd Jul 10
The technology measures thermal radiation of people and objects in the entire image acquisition area.
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MOBOTIX Australia Jul 7
Together with our partner SAFR we offer you a solution to auto detect and warn you in cases of a non-compliance
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Paragon Security & Locksmith Jul 6
😷 has mobilized major changes in demand. promptly responded to the new needs with a line of products dedicated to the control and measurement of for and .
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In many public areas, there are restrictions on the number of visitors, customers or employees. video tech helps you adapt
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Wobot Intelligence Jul 6
With over 343 applicants, Wobot’s Face Challenge was a huge success. Click to find out what the winners had to say about their experience & how they tackled the project =>
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Mobotix Italia Jul 8
Aiutiamo le aziende a ! 👉 Abbiamo a che fare con nuove norme e regolamenti speciali. La tecnologia video MOBOTIX vi offre la possibilità di rispondere a queste nuove esigenze!
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AISecureTech Jul 6
Please care for them as they don't spread COVID19. With you in the NEW NORMAL to know more about us visit:
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AISecureTech Jul 3
Learn about our unique solutions. Facial Recognition with AI. To know more about our solution visit:
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