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Beth Rose 1 Nov 17
Desperately need my nails doing, my hair done and my brows attending too, oh and a tan 😩🤷🏼‍♀️
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Cesar. 29 Jul 12
Replying to @Josepep69
there fucking big tho. Bigger then
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OpticNerve 25 May 18
THROWBACK 2010: MANBETH Based on Shakespeare's play ~ 'Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.'~ July 15, 2010
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Beth 🥰 19 Jul 12
See, that's why you should be the dude and I'll be the girl. Plus I haven't been a girl character yet.
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Karri 20 Oct 12
Can someone please kick off of as a commentator!!!! I can't stand listening to her!
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