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Fahad Mustafa 27 Sep 16
Mahemir shortlisted as one of the three finalist out of 200 movies from 32 countries...
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Zeba Fahadian😘. Mar 13
Last night I watch ur movie so amazing movie👌👌👌 . My favorite dialogue "Mir ap ka dewana ha"😍😍😍 . I wish u made this type of movie once again 🙏 .
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Fahad Mustafa 30 Apr 17
Mahemir wins best film and best music awards at Dada saheb film festival17 in Delhi.
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The legendary Sahab came to support and at premiere.
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Sanam Saeed looks super fresh at Lahore premiere of Mah e Mir.
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Honest Anonymous 10 May 16
Don't read critics' reviews,read what the audience is saying & go watch will blow you away!
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umer hafeez 5 May 16
Omg 😍 this first interaction of anti ghazal with
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samiashahzad 6 May 16
its essential now to watch after seeing a stunning response of public i will watch it after my exams inshaAllah👌👍
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Xamiarao (JANBAAZ) 25 Apr 16
handsome :-* Looking awes0me MirShab :) Anxiously waiting for :-)
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Faysal Quraishi 5 May 16
The film will attract all critics'I found the film awesome. . anybody knowing Urdu would love it. rocks 👍🏼
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kulsoomatiq 30 Apr 16
Retweeted Fahad Mustafa (): Book your tickets now !!
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Minal 9 May 16
My fav Fahad Mustafa & Iman Ali we Love u 😍💐
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Pantomime Villain 6 May 16
Trailer seems a lil depressing but film is amazing. wow him Hmara to hy asli mudda tu Khuda jany tera kya mudda hy
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Fizzah Rizvi 8 May 16
Saw today, you should too. First movie of its kind. Blown away by 's performance. What passion & perfection!
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HELLO! Pakistan 21 Nov 16
Making proud! wins best narrative film award at 🎬🎉🇵🇰
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Brandsynario 22 Sep 16
Pakistani Movie Nominated for Consideration by Pakistani Academy Selection Committee
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We LUV Aamina Sheikh 5 May 16
Aamina Sheikh at the premiere with director Anjum Shahzad.
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Usama Sheikh 20 Apr 16
Question Answer Session with and at music launch of "
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Umair 7 May 16
Superb Movie. Movie is a top notch. Great acting and awesome concept. Mir is one of my idol now.
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Raheel Rao Oct 12
He’s a total crowd puller, his films are blockbusters & his energy is off the charts — it’s no one else but ! From his to performances like & , looks at what makes him ‘The One’.
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