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Poetkisses Jan 10
1 of 2 two hearts exiled on planets light years away one bound by silver rings the other found wandering both always dreaming of what brings she, an of enigmatic longing he, the she’s been thirsting built a poetic bridge with a that was legendary
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myViewBoard Jan 15
☁️ What objects can be attracted by magnets? How will the magnets act? let's find out with this activity👉 How to play👉
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Vilhelmiina Kontkanen Jan 11
Replying to @OpenAcademics
Hi, I'm PhD Vilhelmiina and I started as a (theoretical) chemist and continued as a (theoretical) phycist. My PhD was about solar cells. Now, I'd like to find new challenges in and while continuing with .
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Physical Review Research 2h
Single-atom electron paramagnetic resonance in a scanning tunneling microscope driven by a radio-frequency antenna at 4 K, T. S. Seifert, S. Kovarik, C. Nistor, L. Persichetti, S. Stepanow, and P. Gambardella
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Keezia Leigh Jan 13
The one problem I see with personal development is your mind becomes a fucking weapon and sometimes you can bypass all the shit your body is trying to tell you. Business Babes. 2020 is about coming into balance and stillness. Fuck da hustle.
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Dr Simon Jan 12
Welcome to the and classes of 2020! I know most of you won't see this as you've just told me you're not on Twitter (!), but welcome to Wellington anyway. Looking forward to showing you some research in my lab on Wednesday.
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Butch O'Dowd Jan 10
Scanning the magnetic fields in Philip's CM300 Kv FEG, using the magnetometer in my Galaxy S7. I started reading about 3 feet away then went from Projector lens 2 to Condenser 1.
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Physical Review Research Jan 13
Sign switching of dimer correlations in SrCu2(BO3)2 under hydrostatic pressure, S. Bettler, L. Stoppel, Z. Yan, S. Gvasaliya, and A. Zheludev
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Margareth C Jan 11
Deny not this Accept we’re air and water One without the other we can’t survive In equal measures we need and feed until fully sated and complete Deny not we’re conjoined at hip and heart... that we can never be apart...
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Mac (Chris Webber Stan Account) 9h
Replying to @ChrisMNovak
A franchise-changing talent.
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Rolando Garcia Jan 12
Matches and Magnets Please click on the link:
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JoEllen Renee | Nerdy by Nature Jan 14
Replying to @jstjoellen
And I ain't chasing shit ever again. You will. Come. To. Me.
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Hollow Jan 14
It’s to the point now where we can feel the 3D images.
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Alchemy of Transformation Jan 14
. Recreate your life as a new work of art. Learn how!
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Mrs Woolfries Jan 13
P7/6 investigating magnetism using ‘washer’ magnets. One boy was very keen to find out whether the metal in the splint on his broken wrist was magnetic. Turns out it wasn’t!
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Filling Space Jan 11
"A second area that needs attention is determining whether the mass and magnetic field from a solar eruption will arrive at Earth or miss Earth."
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Teach your students the basics of electricity & magnetism with the lesson plan, "Basic Electricity & Magnetism: “But it’s the Law, Doktor Ohm!”. This is a simple activity great for kids ages 8-18. Learn more today.
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Jan Abrahamsson 🇸🇪 Jan 12
Replying to @Abrahamsson_sv
29/ Looked through a couple of videos with the hobbyist . Not about . RR worked w the disciple on , , etc. (1:09) (11:59) (1:44:57)
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Physical Review Research Jan 14
Magnetic field induced competing phases in spin-orbital entangled Kitaev magnets, Li Ern Chern, Ryui Kaneko, Hyun-Yong Lee, and Yong Baek Kim
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Physical Review Research 6h
Dual nature of magnetism in MnSi, A. Yaouanc, P. Dalmas de Réotier, B. Roessli, A. Maisuradze, A. Amato, D. Andreica, and G. Lapertot
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