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Turkey / Goof™ 2m
that's your comeback? checklist:
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cavvie 22m
wait.........THATS your measuring stick for racism? Maybe i was just calling him stupid....ya think?
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The Hand That Feeds You 1h
Now that the Greaseball in Chief is truly under the bus and Nunes is spewing lunatic bullshit, this is the quality of the scum in my mentions. Troll and immediately block. Snowflakes. 🙄
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Ray in Bowie 1h
You made the claim, witless twit. You look it up. Pretty sure Pelosi was referring to the DACA kids. But you do you, . Oh, and you forgot to thank me for pointing out your spelling error.
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JuliaGoolia91 16h
Replying to @fairywings88
guy...or is looking for facts to put in evidence - for campaigning against Trumpism, for the hearings or Senate trial, or to your relatives over the holidays, it's worth the read.
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MJ Barber 5h
This is hilarious. If I were a in nature I'd be screaming "lock her up!".
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ForTheLoveOfDemocrazy 4h
Replying to @sari_sheridan
Lordy, this tweet Attracted some crazy don’t fall for it people, check profiles and if they’re recently created accounts, they’re likely dummy asccounts & not worthy of engagement. are not worth your time.
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Rob Francis 21h
It was not obvious to me. Are you a ?
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bigmusicfan71 Nov 18
Don’t let the door hit your fat ass on the way out, .
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Chris O'C 2h
I am so excited to see the sideshow today! This is gonna be great. Is she going to remain full or is she going to reverse course and accept the truth and maybe save her seat.
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Rob Francis Nov 19
Hopefully the was getting a lobotomy.
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ChiChi 13h
Don't settle for less. Move to a red country. Buh bye.
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billy b ❄⚓🌊🌊🌊🏳️‍🌈 15h
It makes me more angry and sad that there are Americans still supporting and defending the vile .
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Beira👑🇺🇸🆘🇺🇸🔁🏁 Nov 18
My brother is a huge , we can’t even talk now
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Grampus525 Nov 15
Replying to @sdr_medco @POTUS
This is literally keeping up at night. How do voters and Congressional Republicans abandon all American values and our national security for a dishonorable, disgraceful man? is our greatest security risk in decades.
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DesertWolfPS 20h
This... from a spoiled, ignorant brat that refused to serve his country.
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Curt Speelman 4h
What do you expect from a ...most of them are white, have never been outside the country and most cant tell you where Middle East is
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April Hannewald 12h
Replying to @fras99
I think the got that piece of information from two Corinthians. 🙏
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bish 12h
Replying to @NRCC
nation, petitions do nothing.
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Gib Hammond 14h
What time tonight will take sick and need to be rushed to ? 11 months of confined treatment?
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