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IG: @TREGOOSE1914 Oct 18
Pure @ Sugar Daddy's Cigar Lounge
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哥哥 TERence 2h
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Theater Of The Mind Oct 20
Bernie on Castro and Cuba.
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WayneMac4Palestine🇵🇸 Oct 26
says scientists developed medicine that ‘cancels 100% of Covid-19’ with no side-effects
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Helen Pen Oct 23
Replying to @ShippersUnbound
Did you miss the fact that USA alleged was falsely elected? 's election proves that was an absolute fabrication & the USA, whom it appears you support in their efforts to remove democratically elected socialists, once again tried to overthrow a democratic election.
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Blodjan 19h
Replying to @KareemRifai
was elected by vote of the venezuelan people.
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Trump Envoy Tried to Secretly Negotiate Regime Change Grenell met with ally in Mexico City
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News247WorldPress Breaking Oct 24
: flees Venezuela vowing to continue fighting  regime
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MasterFeeds Oct 20
’s looking to renegotiate in anticipation of a potential change in the WH
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Tabad Oct 23
Replying to @ConflictsW
, prisioner of the cubans. Sad.
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Lucinda Elliott Oct 26
Spain 🇪🇸 has become a centre of activity for dissidents of the regime in recent years. Its foreign ministry confirmed Sunday that López landed in Barajas, Madrid >
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Delegation on Capitol Hill Pushes Resolution Condemning Regime’s Legislative Elections:
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Alex Panchenko Oct 25
In a new bottom-low for President , his much-publicized "opinion poll" during today's local elections wasn't even faked properly. No "interviewers" in many regions; documented multiple "polling" of same persons etc. It's not even Putinism, it's shit🤦‍♀️
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Antonio Divine Oct 23
Replying to @CBSNews
So demeaning of the Presidency of the United States of America. It is very embarrassing, I feel I am watching from speaking. Mr. please grow up! Stop the name calling we are not in elementary school.
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Willy Marante Oct 22
#107 with Bear and the boys at , Happy Thursday everyone... @ MC Cigar Shop and Lounge
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Bitnovo Oct 23
Crypto mining activities are now regulated by the Venezuelan gov. Source: 👉 Cointelegraph
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The Peninsula Qatar Oct 25
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The World Reviews Oct 22
Venezuelan opposition raises united call to boycott elections and bring down Maduro’s regime
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Daniel Campos Putterman Oct 23
I spoke to 10 based Venezuelan Jews, all of them traumatised by & , they are all voting for Trump, is it almost a consensus among Venezuelan Jews to support Trump? Or did I speak to the wrong people
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