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OverTaxed Jan 15
Trudeau says we need to take this incident, WHICH DID NOT HAPPEN, extremely seriously? It's somehow a pattern and warning sign of increased intolerance? IT WAS A HOAX! If anything it's a pattern/warning sign of fake hate crimes.
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🍁Michael🍁 Jan 15
Can Trudeau explain how a FAKE STORY is a pattern & a warning sign of increased intolerance? It is a pattern of a PM who is quick to take photo-ops & proclaim CDNs as intolerant BEFORE knowing facts.
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Cindy Jan 15
Rediculous. Where is the compassion? I have a feeling it was staged to promote .
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sara spencer 🇬🇧 Jan 16
PREACH !! "Islamophobia" A MADE UP Word Being Used to Systematically DIVIDE for Undemocratic Political Gain. We Must Reject It & All Laws Associated. Protect Freedom of Speech, Expression, Debate & Democracy!
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🍁Michael🍁 Jan 17
CBC still hasn't learned their lesson to NOT tweet any ALLEGED INCIDENT until plice FINISH INVESTIGATION... Street Cameras & streetcars have cameras. Let's wait for EVIDENCE & FACTS
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Manny_Ottawa Jan 15
Absolutely dumbfounding. I challenged veracity of story. I was called vile things -simply for respectfully questioning odd facts. Under w’d I be silenced in fear of heavy hand of GVT? Free speech is a Canadian value. is case against
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C3RF Jan 15
Was fake hijab cutting event engineered to support speech-crushing report and request for national "day of action" against "Islamophobia? Need to ask, were CBC, Trudeau and Wynne part of the plot? Is 11 year old at centre of story being used and abused?
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TMrealityczech 5h
In case you are not joking......
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C3RF Jan 20
Spencer Fernando notes rising tide of anger as Canadians demand apologies from elites for their part in the .
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Gad Saad Jan 20
Replying to @iamIqraKhalid
I am hoping that the honourable parliamentarian who blocked me and who is the architect of might weigh in? Because remember, the biggest threat to civilization is Islamophobia.
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Canada First Party 7h
STOP STOP STOP . There is NO ISLAMIC FLAG On This ? there is not even an ISIS Flag either ?
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Opinyn Jan 17
It was more than a lie. It was a systemic effort to malign the good name of Canadians and an attempt to use her religion as a powerful weapon to hammer Canada into submission to Islam by helping convert into a law to permanently suppress criticism of Islam. That’s the goal.
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🍁Laura🍁 3h
We can't vote these people out fast enough. If you have or plan to have children, you need to see this: "Justin Trudeau Is Pure Evil" -
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C3RF 8h
James Kitchen notes the Charter violations that our PM is piling up in his quest to "quell" pro-life thought. Was this part of his election platform? Was and "Islamofauxbia?
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Proudly Canadian 7h
Replying to @grahamegoop
is unconstitutional! The freedom of thoughts and opinions, eg., “fear, prejudice, hatred or dislike directed against Islam, or towards Islamic politics or culture”, is protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and no law protects a religion from criticisms!
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I.M.Fedup Jan 21
Can a Muslim work at Piggly Wiggly?
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Schtev🇨🇦 Jan 15
Story proven to be a hoax! You look like a moron! Again!
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Canadian Lady Jan 18
Not only terrorism - but just political Islam is enough to worry any non muslim. Even reformist Muslims are against it politcally. They don't want either.
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🍁Michael🍁 Jan 18
Alleged Anti-muslim hate crimes make up about 0.02% of all crimes across Canada (35 million).... Why is Trudeau's govt wasting taxpayer money on when Canada Charter protects all, have sufficient hate crime laws & anti-discrimination laws. What's real motive?
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Opinyn Jan 18
Replying to @MyOpinyn
We have 130 responses, we need a lot more, do spread the word, let's get a feel for the support we can expect with this organization. It will address political Islam, , Globalization, Waste of money on foreign causes & illegal immigration, MSM reporting and Canadian Culture.
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