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JoAnn 🌹🌿🌺 Apr 22
the pic sis!! 📸
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Puntin 22h
Replying to @Dj12oclockRoc
Thanks for the spins!
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Fransetta Roberson 16h
Replying to @PaulRobersonSr1
you infinity #
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crysie 🍨 4h
Replying to @yangiezone
AAAA i dis song
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maira -__- 18h
gn !! i # my babies & my moots a lot <33
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Anthony J. Clark Apr 23
From DCA-MDW-DEN, , your groovy flight crew on both 2206 & 1268 wiggled us out of that nasty storm. 40,000 feet worth of kudos! y’all! See ya in June for Boston. ❤️✈️
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Axel Apr 22
Replying to @me6han
Cheiffin number 13 rn
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‎ً Apr 14
midam. yeah i # him w my whole entire heart !
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mary🌾 1h
woke up to my head still pounding and lip has a stinging to it
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enr!que Apr 21
count your blessings 🙏🏼
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Taylor Ouellette 13h
My puppy wakes up from the dead of sleep just to sprint over and bite me
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Lil La.Flame Apr 22
Replying to @obj
Man Odell never got to see you inna giants jersey onna game day but I hope the best for you man always will be my favorite player no matter what jersey ✍🏽
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Young Mogul Apr 22
happy birthday big homey more life and more blessings to you
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Alien Protocols Apr 8
Bless you for such a compliment. My rules would be 1) FULL amnesty to all countries & all gatekeepers in exchange for FULL disclosure. 2) Fake Bacon would be illegal. 3) consciousness education starts at preschool 4) All military funding now goes to science & skittles
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## anna ★ Apr 17
i hope everyone is having a great day / night, as well as i hope jimin knows he’s the most beautiful person i’ve ever seen in my life, he makes everything better, turns everything grey into something colorful. my biggest 💗❗️💗❗️
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Lieflieflief Apr 23
I was quite nervous because we had to go against other kpop fandoms, but I'm happy to see that the support for bangtan is still leading. Proving to the western audience that BTS PAVED THE WAY BTS, by the way I am excited for all the Kpop groups but bts is bts
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Elmore Hempstead Jr.🦍 Apr 9
Pray my teammates achieve their goals , and everyone else that’s chasing a dream!!!! NO CAP💯
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swallowthewhole22 Apr 21
I miss him more then ever today. Longest 4 years of my life. and miss my best friend and my best of everything. He was my person. I have managed what I can since that long Sunday with him or our yard.
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Luh Always Britt🌹💋- 17h
Got home safely. I was driving my mom home from a mall an hour from us but I left my wallet at home in my car which my license is in. So yes I drove without a license because my mom got a migraine while we were out and I wasn’t gonna let her drive when couldn’t see!
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versedailyquotes Apr 23
Disappointment is a part of life, but making sure you don’t blame god for that disappointment is sometimes hard, train yourself to blame yourself and the right people for your pain or cries, because god will never harm you even when u try he cries.
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