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CarmenAlexis Jan 30
Dammnnnn I look like that and I'm 0 months. Lmfao
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Kayla Jun 11
Last night I drunkenly lost my phone on 1% in the streets of New Orleans and found it within an hour
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__amyy💋 Nov 1
So I dropped my phone in the parking lot last night at the bar and came back out like 30 min later and found it
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C H E L S. Nov 7
Kelly sat through me getting my nails filled, brows done & shopping for three hours today. I'm about to put a ring on it ffs
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Fuzzy Mom Jun 2
That time at Rolling Loud when I had 6 blunts in my pants and the drug dog just walked past me in security. lol
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TamTam82 Nov 20
Replying to @reginalddhunter
I’ll have whatever curse she having thanks! 😋
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Steph Jan 7
A friend of mine just said she wants to move out of home but is daunted by the prospect of having to cook and clean for herself. I told her that I'd like to move out of home so I only have to cook and clean for myself.
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Claire 22 Dec 18
If someone had said 2 years ago that I’d be in as good a place as I’m in now I’d have told them “piss off”. Feeling lucky and happy. This is what good support can do. Never underestimate the value of amazing friends. Or indeed co-workers who have become friends
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Becs Jun 4
I know right... My mum paid for the villa we just paid for flights
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Maci🐝 Jan 8
I get to marry all that ass.
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A R I E L ♛ 13 Jan 19
My best friend is the best. She comes to my family functions, takes me home before I embarrass myself, and lets me sleep in her bed.
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karenita Mar 16
I am impulsive as fuck at times, especially when it comes to anything Beastie Boy related. Shout out to for loving me and being the best giver of bday presents in all the lands. 🥰💝
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danielle Mar 11
So I’m fucking jealous bc now if you meet nick Jonas y’all have one more thing in common 😒
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Relax Nov 1
Replying to @StillSumAsshole
May the odds be ever in her favor.
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Cynvisible May 10
Replying to @Lurpee @mrsaimee78
Sidebar do you just HIT THAT every day?? Cuz... golly!! 😹😹😹 I 💗 You 2!!!
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LT fan! #Walls #AlwaysYou Feb 1
I'm so jealous of Harry!!!!! He literally met the love of his life at 16, which is a huge thing in itself but the love of his life was Louis Tomlinson! Literally a walking breath of fresh air, an actual embodiment of sunshine, a sassy, sexy and kind soul!
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The Black Hood Oct 29
Replying to @MistressBliss_
I can smell you with every breath and its heaven 😌
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Derelict Deb May 11
Overwhelmed. Leaving this city I adore as Dr Shropshire. A journey that was sorted at every turn by fabulous friends.
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Richard Jul 5
Just flicked onto and I’m like .......... at bloke, no wonder she is always smug and smiling ear to ear!!
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🅳🅴🅴🅶 🖤 3 Feb 19
Why are “bitches” so mad I didn’t want to be their friend anymore?! Move on. It’s a better look for you.
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